Iran will stop the Americans Russian Triumphs

In Tehran, they allowed the possibility of negotiations with Moscow on the purchase of S-400.

Iran, if necessary, may consider the possibility of acquiring Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (Triumph). This was stated by Secretary of the Supreme Council of National Security of the Islamic Republic, Ali Shamkhani.


These days he was in Russia as a participant in the security forum, which was held in the capital of Bashkiria – Ufa. And gave an interview to RIA “Novosti”.


In it, the head of the Security Council of Iran noted that his country always had “extensive cooperation with Russia in the defense and security spheres”. And he made it clear that in the event of a heightened threat from the outside, her leadership would “negotiate and make a decision together with Russian friends.”


According to Shamkhani, Tehran is “exploring the possibility” of strengthening its air defense system at the expense of foreign potential and is ready, if necessary, to hold consultations with Russia on the S-400.


But at the moment there is no real threat, as he believes.


According to him, “Iran and America will not reach the war, since there is no reason for (such) war to be.”


Here you should pay attention to the informational stuffing by Bloomberg agency, which at the end of May, citing some informed sources, reported that Russia allegedly rejected Tehran’s request to sell him its Triumphs, in order not to aggravate the already tense situation in the Middle East.


However, from both the Russian and the Iranian sides, the very fact of such a request was refuted.


And, strictly speaking, what prevents Iran from getting our anti-aircraft missile systems?


Weapons are exclusively defensive. In addition, the list of buyers and those who only want to buy our C-400 systems is already quite wide – China, Turkey, India, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


  • Iran is our ally. And, of course, if some forces want to deal with him, so to speak, then we will not stand aside, – the expert of the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, political scientist Konstantin Blokhin comments on the situation.

– In the sense that in this case we can supply our S-400 to Iran.


But for the time being it is necessary to take into account that we have certain agreements with Israel, and he very categorically looks at the supply of these complexes to Tehran.

Although, if all the same there is a real threat of a large-scale invasion of Americans into Iran – and they consider such scenarios with the support of their regional allies – just Israel and Saudi Arabia – then, I think, Moscow’s position on this issue may well change.

True, to say that tomorrow the Americans are going to get into Iran, as it was once in Iraq, there is hardly any reason. This is unlikely for a variety of fundamental reasons.

– Why are the States so nervous when we sell someone our “Triumphs”? So much so that Russia is already accused of using these complexes as an instrument of a hybrid war against the United States and its allies. At the same time, they are even ready to lend to the NATO countries so that they can replace the Soviet and Russian weapons they have with American weapons …


– I think they want to kill two birds with one stone. That is, they increase the military-political dependence of Europe on the United States. And the plus is financial: loans will have to be paid. All this, ultimately, should stimulate the growth of the American military-industrial complex.


We heard, probably, that Trump appointed a new defense minister: Shanahan was replaced by Mark Esper, who was already working at the Pentagon in the time of George W. Bush, from Raytheon. This is one of the giants of the American military industrial complex, the largest supplier of weapons and military equipment for the armed forces of the United States and allied countries.


Well, probably, this replacement is not accidental …


The Americans, of course, are alarmed. Their “Patriot” (Patriot air defense system), it is very expensive. Its price is sometimes even compared with the GDP of the Baltic countries. Astronomically expensive system. But this system has never really demonstrated efficiency, so to speak.


Patriot, we know, is stationed in South Korea and Japan. And, in principle, their goal is to protect these countries from the North Korean threat. But how many launches of North Korean missiles have already been launched, and never – if only to demonstrate the power to Kim Jong-un, – they were involved.


Therefore, it is obvious that many of their qualities are more a marketing ploy. If they were so effective, and there would be a price-quality ratio, then everyone would see it.


That is, the demand for the S-400 is determined by the specific market. In addition, all the characteristics of our systems, including deployment speed, detection range and actions, the number of simultaneously accompanied targets is significantly higher than that of similar American systems.


Look at what Erdogan is doing for the S-400. He goes to a particular clinch with the United States. But Turkey is a traditional historical ally of them. Ankara is bound by a military-political alliance with Washington. However, now its position does not fit into the rigid logic of the alliance. And, one can say that our Triumphs have become the stumbling block.


– Actually, the Turks first wanted to buy Patriot from Americans, but they did not sell. After the coup attempt by Erdogan’s opponents, the Turkish leader simply had no other choice …


– Yes, only here it is still necessary to take into account that Erdogan’s ambitions are not embedded in the rigid logic of NATO. And Americans, of course, this does not suit.


From here, various plans there are proposed to crush Turkey into several parts and create the Great Kurdistan on its territory. How the Turkish leadership looks at it is understandable.


Of course, the situation in the Middle East is changing rapidly. The position is changing, as we see, of the traditional allies of the United States – Turkey, the same Saudi Arabia.


The positions of Russia are changing and getting stronger – for example, let’s take the same Syria.


But somehow it is necessary to put pressure on the allies. And the States do this with the help of cheap propaganda – they create myths about some Russian (or – in the future – Chinese) threat in order to consolidate their satellites.



After all, the NATO bloc is a multitude of states, but all their interests are different. And then how can all these countries, with often conflicting interests, follow the same logic?


Some super-existential threat is artificially generated (for example, by demonizing Russia, or Iran, or someone else …), and a new crusade is announced.


– And how far can they go?


– Long away. If Trump falls under the influence of ultra-right radicals – neocons, which are quite a few now in his administration. This is not only Bolton, who is his national security adviser.


The main curator for Venezuela is Ellion Abrams, in comparison with which even Bolton is the angel of the incarnation.


Abrams, I recall, in the 80s was one of the “architects” of the famous CIA operation “Iran-Contra”. They were then at Reagan, secretly from Congress, were selling weapons to Iran, and financed Nicaraguan contras for the money they received. All this resulted in thousands of victims in the end.


This same Abrams was involved in a coup attempt in Venezuela in 2002. And in 2003, he pressed Bush Jr. along with Vice President Cheney to launch an invasion of Iraq. And we know how it ended …


Now, if Trump gets under the influence of these neocon hawks, who are simply obsessed with regime change in Iran, then the situation in the region may, in fact, explode.


But, it seems to me, Trump will not bite at their bait. And the frightening rhetoric now is just some kind of algorithm – a model of US behavior with respect to not only Iran, but also with respect to Syria, with respect to Venezuela. That is, it is the inflation of the situation so much that it will seem to everyone – the war will be tomorrow, and then suggest to the opponent to sit at the negotiating table, as was the case with North Korea.


Now the Pentagon has announced that it is sending an additional contingent to the Middle East – a thousand people. But this will by no means make the weather. Because in Afghanistan they have a hundred thousand, and for so many years have not done anything.


And in order for the States to really achieve their goals in Iran, as the American media say, it will take almost a half million military personnel. And, of course, Trump will not do it, because there is a risk of getting stuck in this “Middle Eastern swamp” for a very long time.


Now he has a completely different task – to make America more efficient, more competitive. Therefore, he and all his allies – in Europe, in Asia – go to minimize financial spending.


And the Iranian campaign will cost them at least hundreds of billions of dollars. Given the fact that the States have already spent seven trillion dollars in the Middle East and Afghanistan over the past fifteen years (Trump himself spoke about this), this is a sum on a cosmic scale.


In addition, if there is any mess, Iran can simply block the Strait of Hormuz, through which all the oil is transported not only from Iran, but also from Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and most of Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


– Well, oil prices will rise … So what?


– Prices will soar up to $ 200 per barrel, according to some experts in the field of energy security. And Trump wrote that his task was to do everything to reduce the price to $ 25 per barrel. So that such a low price could become a driver for the growth of the American economy. And, secondly, to hit just those countries that export oil. These are Iran, Venezuela and Russia.


Therefore, they, of course, will continue to escalate the situation to a critical boiling point, but they will not overstep the “red line”, most likely.