Iran shot down a US plane, Kremlin is in risk

The Middle East is again on the verge of a big war.

On Thursday, Iran’s air defense forces shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the United States Navy. Initially, this was announced by official sources in Tehran. The news was presented as follows.

US drone RQ-4 Global Hawk violated the airspace of the Islamic Republic. Without any delay, the local air defense forces opened fire and shot down the aircraft. Washington initially refuted this information, stating that no such incidents were recorded, and the UAVs are not flying over Iran now. After some time, the American media began to broadcast information, according to which one of Uncle Sam’s drones had suffered. True, this is not the RQ-4 Global Hawk, but the MQ-4C Triton. And they shot him down not over Iran, but nearby – over the Strait of Hormuz. This is where the Japanese and Norwegian tankers were hit recently.


In fact, this is not big news – Tehran has already attacked or simply intercepted American UAVs. Moreover, one of the intercepted UAV RQ-170 Sentinel even became the basis for a series of new Iranian UAVs.


But it was eight years ago – then the world was not what it is now. Then the United States and Iran were not on the verge of war. Then the tankers did not blow up, then there was no ISIS and the Pasadaran and Hezbollah did not march through Syria. At that time, the USA did not fight the Syrians and were not big enemies of Russia allied with Tehran. Yes, it was different. Today, Washington almost every day threatens the Persians with a big war.


In Tehran, they the allowed the possibility of negotiations with Moscow on the purchase of S-400.

Just the other day, Trump again spoke about this, but in his eyes the incident with tankers is not enough reason to unleash another bloodshed. Sure, of course. However, the Yankees took preventive measures. They sent another 1,500 soldiers to the Middle East. And this is not the limit – a thousand more are on the way. Officially, this contingent build-up is associated with Iran.


So, against this background, an attack on a drone, which at other times might seem relatively harmless, is a real threat. Donald Trump himself has already responded to this. He wrote the following on social networks: “Iran made a very big mistake!” Succinctly, and therefore threateningly. After that, he approved approved strikes on Iran, but later reversed his decision, according to The New York Times.


According to the publication, at the time when Trump canceled the operation, the planes were already in the air, and the ships took up positions, but not a single rocket had yet been launched. It was planned to strike a blow on a number of targets, including radar and rocket batteries. The operation was scheduled early in the morning to minimize civilian casualties. How long has the United States postponed it?


We must not forget that Israel is actively interfering in the situation. He adds fuel to the fire with his regular attacks on Iranian objects in the SAR. At the same time, a few days ago, the air forces of the Jewish state conducted exercises in which they worked out successful tactics to eliminate the “Iranian threat.” Mr. Netanyahu informs everyone of this very threat day and night. It seems that the prime minister has no other tasks at all. In general, the situation in the region is heating up.


The Russian side was notified by Iranian colleagues about the incident. At the moment, the downed UAV is identified as RQ-4 Global Hawk. At least, this is exactly what the Persians report, while the American side has so far not provided any clarifying information.



According to the Iranians, they initially tried to intercept the control of the aircraft and land it intact, but did not. Therefore, rockets were used. After the incident with tankers, the Iranian armed forces pay much more attention to what is happening over the Gulf of Oman and Persian. Any suspicious activity is regarded as a threat. Of course, Russia understands the concerns of Iran, but now the main task is to preserve the stability of the region. And with a high degree of probability, the Kremlin’s position on the need to reduce military activity and the need to move to diplomacy in a dispute with the United States will be conveyed to the Iranian partners in the upcoming negotiations.


Negotiations with Bolton were held in Jerusalem the other day (Trump’s adviser on national security issues), And this Iranian arbitrariness was very inappropriate. But in recent months with Tehran in general, there are certain difficulties due to the fact that it is unhappy with the “squeezing” of Shiites from the structures of power in the SAR. In addition, Tehran does not like certain clauses of the cooperation agreement with the Russian Federation. According to one of the clauses of this treaty, our source reports, Russia does not bear obligations to Iran if it faces a confrontation with Israel, with the United States or another third country. Tehran has long been lobbying a full-fledged agreement on an alliance, but it does not go further than talk. So it is quite possible that now Iran has certain intentions to thwart the rapprochement of Moscow and Washington. If so, then the downed drone fits very well into the picture.