Iran says it has secret letters of Trump

Soon after new sanctions hit the Iran, the country revealed the letters of US President Donald Trump, allegedly addressed to US partners in the Middle East. The sources of the New York Times and the Washington Post confirmed the existence of such letters.

It remains a mystery how the private correspondence of Trump fell into the hands of Ayatollah Khamenei, but the latter claims that he has the full text of Trump’s letter. This is what he wrote in his Twitter.

«A few days ago Trump wrote a letter to the leaders of the Persian Gulf states, which was revealed to us. He wrote: “I spent $ 7 trillion and you must do something in return.” The U.S. wants to own humiliated slaves» – commented the Iran leader.

The NYT newspaper reported with reference to its own source that Trump did send two letters to the Middle Eastern partners in which he states that he had spent too much money to help the region and urges the allies to take measures to counter the influence of Iran.

According to The Washington Post s source in the White House there was a letter sent by Trump to the leaders of the Persian Gulf countries. Its content does not contradict the comments made by the head of the White House in public, the source asserts.

The letter was sent about two weeks ago, there Trump urges US allies to take more active action in Syria, and also asks to consider options for a quick solution to the protracted conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

What is stated in the letter?

As the US media write, in both letters Trump tries to increase pressure on Iran and writes that the US expects more activity from the region. Since the 9 / 11, America has invested a lot of money in Iran.

Trump has previously publicly stated that his partners should work more actively in the region and not rely on US assistance the way it was before.

Khamenei wrote his tweet the day after Trump announced the withdrawal of the US from the Iranian nuclear deal.

The closest partners of the United States in the Persian Gulf are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel. All these countries are furious about the Iranian nuclear agreement, signed in 2015, during the presidential term of Barack Obama.

It is not clear how Tehran got access to Trump’s letters though.

Khamenei once again mentioned Trump’s letter at the University of Farghangyan in Tehran, explaining in more detail the content of the personal correspondence of the American president.

According to the Ayatollah, in this letter Trump writes: “I spent 7 trillion on you, you have to do [what I say.] You spent that money on taking a mountain over Iraq and Syria.”

The figure of 7 trillion has been mentioned by Trump more than once before – for example, in February, when the president said that the US “as of a couple of months ago has already spent 7 trillion dollars in the Middle East.” “What a mistake, but what is done is done”, – he added.

This figure however might be incorrect: Washingtion Post says, Trump took it from the report of the University of Brown, which calculated this total, taking into account the future cost of not only wars in Iraq and Syria, but also in Afghanistan, including the care for veterans of all these wars for the next 40 years.

Officially it is not confirmed that these letters have ever existed.

The representative of the National Security Council only said that he can not comment on the president’s correspondence, but at the same time, the US administration did not refuse.

Saudi Arabia, according to sources Washington Post, responded to the letter, in a soft form, reflecting the attack of the American president.

The embassy of this country in Washington did not comment on these reports.

Who could deliver the letter?

According to Theodor Karasik, Senior Adviser to the Center for Analytics of the Gulf States, this letter plays a very important role, as its text tells the Iranian authorities what exactly they should expect from the United States. In his opinion, representatives of Kuwait, Qatar, Oman or Jordan, and, possibly, Russia could have conveyed the letter to Teheran.

Trump repeatedly criticized the countries of the Middle East for allegedly reliance on US assistance. The last time was during the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Washington. However, which countries he has in mind, Trump did not specify.

Khamenei called Trump’s words “humiliation for Muslims,” stating that the position of the US president only once again demonstrated that “Muslims must firmly oppose the US and bullying from the other despotic governments.”