In the Donbass the fighting resumed

In the vicinity of the town of Gorlovka in the Donbass, after a brief lull, battles between Ukrainian troops and fighters of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) resumed.

Accidently, «Gorlovka» means the throat in Russian.

So people say that Kiev is at Donetsk s throat.

This Tuesday, May 22,  “Donetsk News Agency” reported:

“We are tired, nobody needs us”.

In the DNR they cursed the war and dreamed of the world in vain.

“In the vicinity of the village of Golmovsky (north Gorlovka), the enemy casualties are five killed, as well as one wounded. To the west of Gorlovka in Chigari, Ukrainian terrorists lost 13 “two hundredth” and more than 20 wounded, “said the deputy commander of the operational command of the Democratic People’s Republic Eduard Bazurin.

He added that one militiaman was killed by the NDP and two were wounded. Three more people were taken prisoner.

As UNIAN reports with reference to the press service of the Operation of the United Forces (OOS), two soldiers from the 24th separate mechanized brigade were killed on the Ukrainian side and nine were injured; on the side of the militia of the Democratic People’s Republic 15 were killed and  13 people wounded.

As a result of two days fighting, the parties remain on previously occupied positions.

Armed clashes in the Gorlovka region continue from Monday. These fights have become the most serious in the past few months. According to “”, this is due to the attempt of the Ukrainian military “to tighten the loop” around Donetsk.

According to the source of the publication at the headquarters of the EP, the Armed Forces of Ukraine expect to capture strategic heights in order to occupy Gorlovka itself. The militants view the city as a strategic springboard for an attack on Debaltsevo and Yenakiyevo, and then on to Donetsk.

The situation on the contact line in the Donbass continues to be tense. The number of shelling of the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics by Ukrainian militants is growing daily.

In connection with the aggravation at the front, today the head of the unrecognized republic Alexander Zakharchenko, said that he is ready at any time to give an order to the Armed Forces of the Republic to destroy enemy equipment, if attempts by the Ukrainian militants continue their offensive and if their actions threaten the life and health of civilians. In addition, according to Zakharchenko, Kiev does not give up hope and attempts to launch an offensive in the Donbass.

The same statement was made by the Ministry of Defense of the Democratic People’s Republic of Germany, noting that it reserves the right to destroy the enemy’s firing points in case of threat to the inhabitants of the Republic.

Today at 17:30, from the side of the APU, the settlement of Yakovlevka was fired upon with the use of a 120-mm mortar. As a result of the shelling, an elderly resident of the village was wounded.

It was also reported today that the work of the Donetsk filtering station (DFS), stopped as a result of firing the APU, could be resumed on Wednesday afternoon.

Unfortunately, as a result of the war, children continue to suffer in the Donbas. The threat awaits them not only during active hostilities, but also in the form of orphan ammunition. This day at about 15:30 a public bus exploded in the city, while children were driving home after school.

As a result of the explosion, one child was killed and three others were injured. Now they are in a hospital in serious condition. Photo correspondent of the IA “Novorossiya” David Khudzhets visited the site of today’s tragedy.

This is what the local residents said.

Eyewitnesses filmed Gorlovka on the video by Ukrainian militants. The APU is killing the peaceful population of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Frames with Gorlovka shooting were posted on the Web by users. Eyewitnesses were taken to a mobile phone camera, as Ukrainian militants once again fired the city. Earlier it was reported that during the day-long shooting in Gorlovka, four people were killed. Peaceful residents together with children are forced to hide in shelters and cellars. The inhabitants of Gorlovka accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of being shot by the Ukrainian military purposefully against civilians, and not only beat the positions of the military forces of the People’s Army of the People’s Democratic Republic, but also in ordinary schools and kindergartens. On the shots you can see the ruined building of an apartment building and people who dismantle the rubble after another shelling.”

A message from Gorlovka military commissars:

“20.05 – North-west – several shots.

20.04 – Throughout the day, gunfire erupts on the Golem.

20.00 – At times, the north-west rustles. ”

21.15 – The aerial reconnaissance of APU is again very active in the sky.

20.59 – South-west, the west roared.

20.39 – Holma, you are noisy. It is heard rifle combat with the use of mortars.

20.35 – Periodically, machine-gun turns are heard in the direction of Majororsk.

22.25 – The Svetlodar arc is at war.

  • – 20: 40-21: 10 – fired from the APU in the direction of the n. Metalist (Ukrainian Travnevoye)

21.27 – Golma continues to make noise – an intense rifle, at times the mortar is connected. The side of the garden. The tracer in the sky is visible.

21.28 – The intensity increases. Also Svetlodar bridgehead was awake, it was noisy.

  • – In the sky above Kramatorskoye fighter aircraft became more active. It is reported that the heat traps were fired, it was very noisy. They left in the direction of the Dnieper.

Message from the military commissars: “SERIOUS EXCITING IN R-NAN MARIUPOL.

Artillery APU is firing from the outskirts of Talakivka. Today, at 7.00 pm, strong artillery strikes were heard in Mariupol. Houses in the center of Mariupol literally shudder from the cannonade: the artillery is under Talakovka, a battle is going on … “.

Video from Andrei Bardachev: «Today’s Ukraine, led by the bloody Poroshenko, continues the terror of the peaceful population of Donbass. As a result of another shooting by the APU on May 21, 2018 in the village of Trudovsky, a shed in the courtyard of a residential building was destroyed. I would like to emphasize also that in this house there lives a family of pensioners who have not left it since the outbreak of the war in the Donbass. I do not already have a question about when Poroshenko gets drunk on human blood and stops. For that, there is another more urgent, who can stop him?»