In a few years, Muhammad will be the Prime Minister of Israel

Trump is preparing a bomb for Israel, intending to take away its status as a Jewish state

Donald Trump is a great friend of Israel. At least, the first time of his presidency entrenched him with such status. At the UN, his people are constantly defending the interests of Tel Aviv, and sometimes it seems that Netanyahu has two permanent representatives in the organization: the first is Dani Danon, the second is Nikki Haley. The latter has never supported initiatives, even if simply condemning the Jewish state. So, at the very beginning of summer, it was the only one in the Security Council that voted against the Kuwaiti project to condemn the IDF’s aggression against the Palestinians. And in all other respects, she was in every possible way defending Israel. Of course, without proper attitudes from the Trump administration, all this would be impossible. He periodically looks like a devoted adherent of Zionism. What does this story mean with Jerusalem?

The incumbent president did what his three predecessors did not allow – the US Congress back in the 1990s claimed documents recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but neither Clinton, nor Bush, nor Obama did not dare to give their consent. They were afraid of the consequences, they feared the aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And how can the “most developed democracy of the world” approve what half the world calls apartheid? Trump does not seem to care. And sometimes it seems that he does not understand the problems of the Middle East at all.

The Jewish state under the guise of a great friend harms Washington

But then all of a sudden Jordanian and Israeli journalists got information that at a meeting in June between King of Jordan Abdullah II and Donald Trump, a very unusual plan for solving the Palestinian-Israeli problem was discussed.

The Jordanian leader said during the meeting that among Palestinians, more and more people want to live with Jews in one state, in which equal rights are provided for all peoples. At the same time, he noted that in order to achieve such a goal, Israel will have to abandon its recently legislated status. Trump, surprisingly, did not begin to criticize these words, but answered quite unexpectedly: “What you say makes sense. So (assuming that both main people in the future Palestinian-Jewish state will have equal rights – author), in a few years, a person named Muhammad may become the Israeli prime minister. ” This is a hint that the Palestinian will become the prime minister in the new hypothetical country.

Further, the Jordanian monarch offered his counterpart to share this idea and a broader plan for the settlement of the entire Middle East with the leaders of the countries of the region. And then he added that now is not the best time for the realization of the idea of ​​creating a joint Palestinian-Jewish state. To which Donald Trump replied: “If my administration can not agree, then no one else can.”

Of course, one can not take seriously seriously these words of the American president, but before that he even jokingly did not show any anti-Zionist ideas. The same thing that he has now outlined – a pure anti-Zionist plan. But how real is it? And what can the Trump administration do that, according to him, is the only one capable of influencing the situation?

Russian orientalist Karine Gevorgyan believes that in the short or even medium term such a plan is simply impossible, and it does not matter how much effort the administration of the American president will make.


– Israel only recently adopted a scandalous and very controversial law, which secures the status of a Jewish state. Generally, it will be difficult to refuse this, not only from the law itself, but from this idea in general. So in the near future it is unlikely that this format will become real. He is real at such a categorical imperative, which in the long run nobody sees.

  • Well, if Trump showed some support for this initiative, then what opportunities does he have even to get closer to implementing the project? I believe that almost no. All this depends on Israel and the Palestinians. And Trump himself, even if he starts to try, will eventually just wipe his hands and say: See, Israel does not want anything. I asked him, but he does not want it.

But while it comes to this, the American president should try to understand the problem. He needs to figure out how sincere this proposal is. I am sure that the Palestinians themselves do not unanimously support this idea. They already have a split – Fatah and Hamas, and the promotion of this idea will lead to further aggravation of disagreements. There will be new groups and so on. Of course, there are those who wants a full life as part of a single state with the Jews. But there are many who are against the very existence of Israel, and some kind of equal rights with the Jews do not suit them. All this must be deeply understood and worked through. I think that specialists, including the US, are involved in this, but how realistic it is to develop a road map is a big question.

– How do you generally assess this idea? Is this a suitable scenario for overcoming the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? “First, one has to understand with this analysis what this or that side is guided by. The Israelis are trying to minimize by any means any Palestinian influence and presence. Any initiative that undermines this fundamental stability will lead to the consolidation of all Jewish domestic forces, even those in a state of rigid political confrontation. In general, now we can confidently say that 99% of Israeli Jews do not want this, and they will try to prevent this as much as possible. So the idea is good, but it is possible only with future generations, just not right now.