How many more Russian officers will die for Syrian oil?

Why did the tragedy happen to another group of Russian military?

The other day, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that at the end of February, three Russian officers were killed in Syria. Apparently, they were the victims of terrorists operating in the south-east of Syria. Unfortunately, the Defense Ministry’s report lacks details, therefore, most of the information has to be drawn from public sources. That is what is at the moment.

A group of three Russian military men, together with one Syrian, moved in a UAZ through the desert area of Deir Ez-Zore province. Forty kilometers from the city of Meyadin, they had a completely unexpected attack, as a result of which two people, who were sitting in front seats, were killed immediately, and those who were in the rear had died several hours after the attack. Further events can be restored using the a forementioned message from the Department of Defense.

It is reported that immediately after the Russian military disappeared, an operation was organized to find them, as well as to identify the criminals. Recently, it ended with the fact that the militants involved in the attack managed to get out. As a result, a group of 30 terrorists was completely eliminated.

What distinguishes this tragedy from many others is the fact that the dead Russian military are representatives of senior officers – it is reported that there was at least one major and one colonel in the group. It is rather strange that such valuable cadres found themselves in the desert teeming with terrorists alone. There is a version they separated somehow from the group.

The question remains – how could terrorists obtain information that at certain times a car with Russian officers would pass in such and such an area. The journalists of Novaya Gazeta tried to find answers to this question. Their sources lead the version that the defectors from the Islamic state were to blame for everything. Indeed, many people from defeated terrorist groups are fighting for government forces. Damascus, willingly accepts them, firstly, using them simply as fighters, and secondly, they are very useful for propaganda. But there are several weighty arguments against it.

If the relevant information was transmitted to the terrorists, it is unlikely that they, being on the verge of complete defeat, would kill such important people. Their standard practice is to capture them and then demand ransom. They have been doing this for the past few years in eastern Syria. For example, the Iranian and Syrian military, located in Abu Kemal, repeatedly had to fight with militants who came from the east bank of the Euphrates. The latter, making a raid, sought to lead away from the city as many living people as possible. It is living.

According to the Novaya Gazeta, another reason is betrayal by the Iranian military. Like, recently the relationship between the Persians and our people in Syria is so tense that the parties are even ready for meanness. Our source believes that this version does not hold water. Just the other day, a similar story happened with a group of Iranian military arrivals from Iraq. Near the T-2 pumping station, which is also mentioned in the history of the Russian military, they were lost. In the literal sense of the word – they did not get in touch, and the people sent in search did not find anybody.

Maybe these incidents are nothing but ordinary chance. Southeastern Syria was severely destabilized due to the recent American attack on the ISIS enclave near the eastern shore of the Euphrates. This led to the chaotic movement of terrorists from one area to another. Over the past two months, Syrians, Russians and Iranians have killed and captured about a hundred terrorists who fled from Hajin and surrounding areas. So, probably, the Russian military, like the Iranians mentioned above, stumbled upon such a wandering group of militants at random.

Our source does not know anything about the purpose of finding a group of Russian officers in the Syrian desert. But he believes that this, about which we have written before, is connected with attempts to establish oil production. The problem is that now the government controls a small amount of oil-bearing areas, and each of them is worth its weight in gold.

Including they are valuable for terrorists who constantly strive to get through to them in small groups, at least they used to strive, when they had enough strength. Now they have enough resources only for sabotage, to which they resort. So such an option is also not excluded – our people went to the place where the militants also tried to get. And so was the fateful meeting. In general, now, oil production in the SAR is a difficult task, for each tower requires the involvement of not only specialists and workers, but a serious number of military. So without Russia and Iran, Syria is now unable to cope on its own.