Hacktivists Of Anonymous Attack Soros

Researchers in the area of information security admit the growth of Anonymous hacktivists activity. The group unknown earlier, which received among experts the name of APT 98, declared on their website http://antisoros.org an attack on a number of the web-resources of European public organizations.

The geography of the affected web-resource countries is extensive and includes Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Ukraine. According to Anonymous, they hacked web-resources, copied their databases, defaced websites, and deleted all the data from the hostings. The documentally proved defacement is that of the following web-resources https://www.austausch.org and http://www.nadaciapontis.sk, where caricatures on George Soros were published.

Caricatures on George Soros at http://www.nadaciapontis.sk

The part of data bases from https://www.austausch.org was published at http://antisoros.org as prove of attack. Currently, all the mentioned web-resources are being under a DDoS-attack and inaccessible.

After the beginning of this massive hacking-attack the information about it was sent to the most important news agencies and companies, associated according to Anonymus with G.Soros, with calls to put an end to any cooperation with him. An interesting fact is that the attack against the web-resource https://boell.org/ owned by the German Heinrich Böll Foundation also struck at least 12 international human rights organizations and other non-governmental structures including LGBT communities and feminist groups, acting in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union countries. Also a resource suffered associated with the German branch of the “Syrian white helmets”.

Experts stressed that the same attack was carried out against the web-site of The European Union http://eu-russia-csf.org, but it was not in the list of objectives published on the website of Anonymous-Antisoros. The choice of objectives might have indicated the involvement of Russian hackers, but most likely it is a branch of anti-globalization hacktivists. Moreover, the group ATP 28 (more known as Fancy Bear and supposedly connected to the military intelligence of Russia) and the others associated with the Russian government have not conducted such attacks as well as used any similar methods in their actions so far. Furthermore, payments for dedicated server hostings and advertising in social networks done by stolen credit cards (the data presumably stolen by the banking Trojan Gozy) prove the carder roots of the group, that may indicate that the hacking is ordered.