Hackers broke into the computers of the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Police of Ukraine

More than twenty thousand files have flowed to the network

Unknown hackers posted a large archive of 2.5 gigabytes in open access at the address: http://odesa.md/arhive_SBU.zip.


The hackers presented their manifesto, as well as the political motive, in a kind of manifesto, which they posted on several political forums and sent through organized spam sending to the leaders of nationalist movements.


Ukrainian cybersecurity researchers, analyzing the content, reported that it contains 24,380 files in 3,145 folders, with a total volume of 4.43 gigabytes. The main file type is documents created using the test word editor (98%), graphic files and documents of other formats (2%).

Based on the analysis of the metadata files, it was concluded that the documents were stolen from at least three cars belonging to an unknown unit of the Security Service of Ukraine, stationed in the ATO area in the south-east of the country, the National Police Office in Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk) and To the head office of the national police (in the latter case, a backup of the electronic mailbox of this structure is also posted).

The most interesting is the folder of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), in which, along with the organizational structure of the subdivision, personal data of operational staff, personnel documents, there are documents obtained in an operational way about the activities of the DNR and the LNR, as well as secret documents about the transfer of personal data about foreign volunteers to these agencies. nationalist formations, activists of the Civil Corps and the notorious Praviy Sector (Right Sector). This was done according to the documents: «closed position of an agent for the service staff». In addition, there is an interesting document regulating the creation of certain operational groups «from the start of the meeting on the issue of candidate presidency of the country from the Russian special services».

With regard to the elections, in the documents belonging to the national police you can also find a lot of requests for the assistance to the current president. For example, when organizing meeting with P. Poroshenko in the city of Dnipro, the head of the criminal police asks the rector of the university not to allow certain “unwelcome students for the number of those who have been admitted to attend”. In the next letter from the State Department of Education and Science of Ukraine in the city of Dnipro, the need for “to support security for his activists by the main security group” is indicated.

Previously, the Ukrainian authorities repeatedly warned of possible hacker attacks in the run-up to the presidential elections-2019, and readiness to repel these attacks. Even joint exercises with EU cybersecurity structures were conducted. But, apparently, they have not achieved their goals.