Gang G7: Spent $ 300 Million to Keep Russia Out

Peter Koenig about the futility of the summit and that it is high time to dissolve it.

The G7 Summit is an obsolete, useless discussion club, as Finnian Cunningham deftly put it. RT calls this the “Unbearable G7 Nonsense.” The G7 gang consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. It should be extremely strange for any logical-minded person that the largest economy in the world (when calculating GDP based on purchasing power parity) – China – is not part of this club. Why is that? It is clear that the club is intended only for Western “turbocapitalist” ideologists; these self-proclaimed world hegemons.


Yes, the G7 is without a doubt a useless discussion club – and much worse. These seven self-proclaimed “world leaders” are also among the greatest war criminals in the world. They initiate conflicts and wars (and continue to wage them). These conflicts and wars have led to the fact that over the past 20 years, since about September 11 (2001 – S.D.), they have received “easy access” to chaos around the world in the name of “the fight against endless terrorism”, due to which they killed between 15 and 20 million people — either themselves or through proxy armies and mercenaries.


This, of course, is much worse than futility.

Has anyone ever talked about the meaning and costs of these “summits”? The value, that is, the return, is at best equal to zero, and in most cases is a negative value. These conferences highlight conflicts, create new ones and fan the fire where it was smoldering. And I’m not talking about Brazilian fires in the Amazon. That was the case of the G7 in Biarritz. High-ranking delegates insulted each other, and when that was not enough, they exchanged barbs through the Atlantic Macron and Bolsonara. This once again shows what level of human consciousness we are talking about here.


Trump was confused. Or only those who paid at least some attention to flashes of originality of the creator of pure chaos. Here you and an even greater number of tariffs on Chinese goods; this introduction, then, again, the removal of tariffs for French wines, the imposition of new sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, the threat of organizing some kind of new aggression and even unleashing a war against Iran. And also – surprise, surprise! “Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea, my friend.” Peace talks did not loom even in the background. Thus, it would be fair to say that the benefits or values ​​of this summit were less than zilch, they were negative. It was a ridiculous propaganda period, but expensive.


Determining the costs of an event seems to be a rather complicated algorithm. However, any price for an event that produces the sum of negative values ​​is money thrown into a bottomless pit. Of course, the costs come down not only to travel, cost of living, good food and drink. To begin with, they also include the entire entourage of megacities, police and military security. Biarritz alone defended and guarded a total of approximately 20,000 police and military personnel. They isolated secular leaders from demonstrators ready to oppose the G7 and the establishment.


The protests against this clan of smiling tyrants and despots, who boldly appointed themselves rulers of the world, are highly justified. No UN or any other international body selected or approved them. Their arrogant impunity is intended to radiate power to the whole world. The majestic smoke emanating from their heads is likely to be visible even from space. The sad side of history is that most of this world, especially the Western world, takes them seriously. They bow to the stupidity of the G7; they make their – often criminal – decisions about wars, conflicts, and murderous sanctions, as given by God. The G-7 decides the fate of sovereign nations – such as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Afghanistan. Who will be next? If it weren’t for Russia and China, the damage caused by the Seven would be truly unbearable.


They chose themselves as rulers of the universe. This is unheard of! Just half a century ago, something so abnormal as the G7, G20, WEF (World Economic Forum, which meets every January in lush Davos, Switzerland), gained the ability to gather many of these rulers to hold the scepter of power over the entire planet . Why do the peoples of this world allow their domination with impunity?

You can only shake your head about this madness: what has humanity become?

The Trump delegation usually travels with a flock of assistants, journalists, advisers, not to mention his bodyguards, and in cars with tightly tinted windows that he brought from Washington by special carriers. And everyone else? Their surroundings may be somewhat smaller, since they – like vassals of the Great Emperor of the USA – should be a little more modest. However, the total cost should be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Everything is calculated, including shadow costs, environmental damage, CO2 emissions and the “external effects” of the summit. This includes everything that establishment economists don’t want you to know. Say, then, that the total cost is between 200 and 300 million dollars?

Maybe this is an underestimation. The published data tells that only on Biarritz they spent about 41 million US dollars for this significant event, 15,000 police officers and about 5,000 military personnel were involved. At the same time, they do not take into account the costs incurred by the authorities fighting against peaceful protesters. Add to this the costs of all the other participants. Don’t even think about determining the exact amount of costs – the fact is that the grotesque amount of money in the range of 200 to 300 million dollars was wasted, just in order to amuse the vanity of some cones. This is one of the absurd aspects of our Western civilization.


Hundreds of millions of dollars – a fiat currency produced at the request and whim of the Federal Reserve (the Fed is the fully private central bank of the United States) – nonetheless, the currency that still controls most of the world. It is used to pay for basic needs – such as food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, and what remains of education — that is, what world rulers still allow young people to study.


Think about it: who pays for all these hundreds of millions of dollars, euros, yens or any other paper currency? You are a taxpayer. So, you, the tax payer, have something to say about how your money is spent. Don’t you think?


Therefore, we people must stop this impudent nonsense, which leads to degradation or worse, but costs hundreds of millions. This money could be spent on education, health care and other public services, including refugee care, in the G7 countries, or, alternatively, in countries that will need to be restored after their destruction by the wars that waged the G7 countries because of their greed and in the interests of their own hegemony.


In the meantime – and each time more and more – the money spent on the G7 summit and similar events is being spent for devastating purposes. You, a citizen and a taxpayer, spend money on something that has a negative return. It is just as vile as if you were investing your savings in a bank, and the bank, instead of returning interest to you on your savings, charges you interest on storing your money and then lends it, say, to a corporation, and the corporation return less than you lent. In other words, you, the “small investor”, subsidize a large corporation, or anyone who can afford anything, and the bank considers him a “legitimate” client and solvent enough to borrow money. This is a new form of bottom-up resource transfer.


The money spent on the G7 – or other comparable events – are similar. The organizers of the event take your money (taxes) and transfer them “up” – to where you will never see them again. Not only do you not get anything for it, but it increases your costs, as the G7 fights wars and conflicts that kill millions, destroy the infrastructure of entire countries, housing, schools, medical facilities and create flows of refugees, for which you will all pay again.


Let’s get a look. In 2017, one year of primary education, say, in Africa, cost about $ 400 per student, and a year of high school education was about $ 650. Providing decent medical, preventive, and curative care per person in Bangladesh is about $ 650 per year. Assuming that the money spent on the G7 Summit in Biarritz ranged from 250 to 300 million, you could educate about 550,000 students, say, in Kenya, or provide a year of worthy medical care to about 430,000 Bangladeshis.


Or – with G7 money, it would be possible to build drinking water supply and sanitation systems for approximately 2.5 million people in developing countries. These numbers may have an error of plus or minus 20%. But the overall picture is clear to you.


Or closer to home: how many refugees can xenophobic Europe provide, especially France and Italy? Refugees expelled from their countries, precisely because of the wars that unleashed and wage the G-7 countries in order to rebuild their arms industry, which brings huge profits, to dominate the global resource industry and, ultimately, to drive all people under one hegemonic, globalized roof? Their ultimate goal is to allow everyone just one culture, one currency and only one type of thinking and ideology.


Well, these refugees are rushing to Europe: children without parents, separated families, sick people, people dying in ditches, on the sidelines of roads in the camps they themselves built, in camps that are exposed to the forces of nature, in camps that will eventually demolish using bulldozers. But these are human beings, which the G7 itself suffered suffering! So why not use the money spent on such vile forums with the goal of impressing the well-off population on both sides of the Atlantic to produce at least a small humanitarian act – an act of conscience or what is left of it – to take care of refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea ?


Mr. Macron, you are besieged by the Yellow Vests that will not go away. How about canceling this event and instead allocating funds for humanitarian asylum for refugees? And lobby for the idea that the remaining six would do the same? What impact would this have on your presidency, on your ever-declining popularity? Maybe it would have grown a little? You may very need this. But the image – that’s the thing – the magnificent image of one who rubs his elbows with the so-called “leaders” of the world is of paramount importance. Is not it? What do you care about the unbearable suffering of many people whom you, as you yourself say, “democratically” represent.


Posted by Peter Koenig, Research Fellow at the Center for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, Canada, an economist and geopolitical analyst who previously worked at the World Bank. He lectures at universities in the USA, Europe and South America. His articles are published in publications such as Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog and other resources.