For what the fighters of the Ukrainian army shoot their commanders

The war in the Donbass led to the complete demoralization of the Ukraine military

The Ukrainian military shot their commander for making a remark to them about drinking alcohol. This was told by the official representative of the operational command of the DNR, Eduard Basurin.


The tragedy occurred on March 6 in the 128th separate mountain-assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the night round, the commander of the platoon of the first battalion, Lieutenant Sloboda, found five soldiers who were drinking alcohol.


According to Basurin, this and similar cases are still not recorded in official reports, since the command of the Ukrainian army “does not want to advertise the lawlessness to the public” that occurs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


It is worth noting that drunkenness has long been a terrible problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to which the Ukrainian command throughout all this time has virtually closed its eyes. The excessive use of alcohol by the Ukrainian military all these years has led to incidents of execution of their own, violence against civilians, accidents and other incidents. So last month it was reported that the Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners, while intoxicated, caused an occasional missile attack on their own ammunition depot.


At the end of last year, it was reported that the military had organized a rout in a boarding house in the Kherson region: they introduced themselves as fighters of one of the APU brigades and settled in rooms, citing the introduction of martial law in the country. However, a couple of days later, the director of the boarding house discovered the loss of valuables, broken glass, the rooms were crushed and filled up with empty bottles of alcohol.


In 2017, in April, the head of the Main Directorate of the Military Service of the Law and Order of Ukraine, Major General Igor Krishtun, said that he had managed to defeat mass drunkenness in the army. However, a month later, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak actually recognized the fight against alcoholism in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a failure, obliging the commanders to create an intolerance to alcohol among the soldiers subordinate to them.


Another problem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was a massive desertion.


– Cases of abandonment of temporary deployment points by the Armed Forces of Ukraine military personnel are already massive, irreversible, – said Andrei Marochko, representative of the LNR People’s Police, in spring 2017. At the same time, Eduard Basurin said that the number of deserters in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (MAT) as of March was 8,377 people.


– These are official figures, and one can only guess about the scale of the catastrophic state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, – said Basurin, referring to a source from the Military Service of Law and Order.


According to the source, there are 5,589 deserters in the land forces and 637 people in the naval forces. And the so-called volunteer battalions left 496 people. From the units of the airborne troops, 165 servicemen escaped.



– Thus, we observe the reluctance of the population not only to fight with their own people, but also generally serve in the army of murderers, – then Basurin curled.


In addition, in the republics of Donbass are convinced that the Ukrainian military massively ignore the orders of the command of the cease-fire and continue to violate the agreement.


Recall, on the night of March 8, another truce came into force in the Donbass, which was agreed upon by the tripartite contact group in Minsk. However, as usual, no cease-fire followed.


– Despite the instructions given to the commander of the Naevas about the strict observance of the spring truce, the commanders of the units at the platoon-company level ignore this order. VFU together with nationalist units continue to conduct bombardments of populated areas of the republic with the use of prohibited weapons, – said Daniil Bezsonov, a representative of the People’s Police of the DPR.


He is convinced that tough measures on the part of the Ukrainian command against those violating the cease-fire regime can change the situation.


– And this situation will evolve until the command of the Environment Protection Committee takes tough measures against its commanders. Otherwise, a joint agreement on the observance of the “spring truce” will remain just a loud statement. In turn, we honor our commitments to comply with the truce regime, – the representative of the DNR stressed.


– The killing of the commander directly to his subordinate soldiers is a sign of unhealthy relations in the unit, – said the historian, publicist, and permanent expert of the Izborsk club, Alexander Dmitrievsky.


– Therefore, it’s not even so much the drunkenness of the Ukrainian punishers as it is that their commander did not find mutual understanding with them: in the end, that very remark became fatal for him.

– How serious is the problem of drinking in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? What is the reason? Why does the Ukrainian leadership allow it and do not fight?


– Drunkenness in the war first of all solves the questions of leisure: the more the soldier has unoccupied time, and the less the commanders have the opportunity to occupy this time, the more likely the appearance of amusement drinks on the soldiers’ table. In addition, alcohol is a powerful stimulant and a source of calories: during World War II, vodka before an attack was given out at all for courage, but as a kind of hot meal substitute that was not able to deliver. It should also be noted that some consider alcohol as a means of relieving stress, although, as mentioned above, it is a stimulant, and relieving them of stress is just as useless as curing insomnia with chifir (prisoners extra strong tea, used as cheap drug).


And the Ukrainian command is not fighting this because entertainment drinks are a means of letting off the steam: a drunken soldier in this case creates less problems than a sober one. The both will search for the adventures all the same, but pretty drunk plunge into the arms of sleep rather than go to play tricks, but sober – he will definitely find much more harmful (from the point of view of the authorities!) fun. And, again, drunkenness is a way to prevent a soldier from asking uncomfortable questions to his superiors. For example, about why life is so badly arranged, or why there has been no rotation for so long. The authorities, who asked such a question, can always “answer” with a disciplinary sanction or even a fine.


– On the same day, a representative of the people’s militia department of the DNR, Daniel Bezsonov, said that the platoon commanders and companies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ignore the orders of the cease-fire command and continue to violate the agreements. It turns out that the Ukrainian command does not control the army at all? Is such an army efficient?


– To begin with, the punitive operation in Ukrainian documents is called the “Operation of the United Forces ”. In other words, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are far from the only component, there are also the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine, and everyone has their own curators. Plus “semi-wild” volunteer battalions from among the radicals: formally most of them are subordinated to Avakov, some of them are SBU, but in reality they most often act according to the principle “God is high, king is far”.


As for the control of command over the army, there are different levels, and I can say that the Ukrainian side as a whole has control over the punishers. And, again, the generals are not obliged to control the platoon and company level: this is the direct task of the lieutenants, but not the marshals.


And do not underestimate the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army: for five years she has learned to fight and is now a dangerous adversary.


– If Kiev created a special offer for alcoholics, then it’s obvious that the problem of drinking in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine really exists,” said political analyst Ivan Mezyuho.


– The army is demoralized by civil war and corruption in the ranks of the Ukrainian generals.


– According to Basurin, similar cases are still not recorded in official reports, since the command of the Ukrainian army “does not want to advertise to the public that lawlessness” that occurs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Is it so? Information is still in the media? How much does this affect the combat readiness of the army and attitude to it in society?


– In Ukrainian politics, there are not a few who criticize Poroshenko for the mediocre and corrupt management of the army. The scandals in the APU primarily hit on the ratings of the current president. Obviously, Poroshenko’s stories about the “strongest army on the continent” are a frank fake. The Ukrainian leader has earned good money in the war, and his main rivals in these elections constantly remind the public of this. Of course, army scandals affect its combat readiness. At the same time, do not underestimate the APU. There are true professionals in their ranks.


– In the DNR they say that the commanders of platoons and companies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ignore the orders of the cease-fire command and continue to violate the agreements. Is it so?


– There is every reason to believe the statement of the representative of the DNR, since all five years of war in the media now and then leaked such information. According to my information, the participants in the so-called “ATO” or “OOS”, to put it mildly, dislike the corrupt generals. Soldiers who have passed through the war are not shy about expressions.


– Why the Ukrainian leadership admits it and does not fight? Or they do not care?


– How should they fight? Not a few people understand the senselessness of this war, and the supreme commander never fulfilled his election promise: the soldiers taking part in the war did not receive a salary of 1,000 hryvnia per day.


– In addition to drunkenness, desertion, non-statutory relations, etc., became a serious problem. Why is this happening at all, and is there a way to save the army from decomposition?


  • To save the APU from decomposition can only theoretically. First, it is necessary to end the senseless war. Secondly, to put the corrupt generals. Thirdly, conduct an audit, analysis of public procurement through the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Fourth, raise the salaries of servicemen. Fifth, expel extremists, Western spies and foreign instructors from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.