For Assad and Russia

Syria has rebelled against the United States

The military of the United States are in Syria for four years already. During this time, much has changed for them. At first they were present mainly in the western regions of the country. A few years ago, much here belonged to the opposition. In this case, the Americans actually had to coexist with their main local enemy – government forces. Yes, then both the opposition and the pro-Assad formations were driven to the west, not being able to move a little to the east. The fact is that at that time almost all of eastern and central Syria was conquered by terrorists, namely, the Islamic state together with its younger allies. It was under the pretext of the war against ISIS that Washington sent its people to the Arab Republic, but in fact it turned out that during the whole year of the US presence, the terrorists were not that they did not lose, on the contrary – they expanded the territory of their pseudo-caliphate.


The opposition and Assad were on the verge of defeat. Only those militants who were located close to American bases were lucky – everything was securely protected here, and the igilovtsy were not particularly attracted to where the States ran. Then the Americans had to drastically change their approach to business. The Russian Federation came to the SAR and began active hostilities against terrorists. The Islamic state suffered defeat after defeat, and if the US would continue to sit idle, then soon all of Syria could become united again. But US is not stupid, quickly realized what was happening, and switched to strengthening ties with the Kurds, who had not previously enjoyed special favors. And so began the era of the conquest of northern Syria by the Americans.


While Russia and its Syrian allies, with great difficulty, liberated central and southern Syria, which was poor in resources, the United States and Popular Self-Defense Detachments seized the north and the east without special difficulties. Unless there were problems with Raqqa, but here they found a way out – they bombed it down to the ruins. As a result, it turned out that the main economically prosperous areas were under the control of the States. The last one and a half or two years the situation is as follows. The Americans are holding fast to the Kurds, and it is only by this proximity that they justify their right to be in Syria. And Russia, having returned most of his country under the control of Assad, is now engaged in building a peaceful life, trying to negotiate with the opposition, now with the Turks, now with the Kurds.


And all this could be called the forerunner of the final collapse of Syria, because Russia and the United States are unlikely to ever be able to agree on the reunification of the fragments of the Arab Republic – for this, one of them will have to sacrifice their own interests. However, in the Arab Republic in addition to foreign military power, there are enough other factors to change the political situation. The main one is the Syrian people.


For example, they used to dislike Russia in many districts, bad reputation — you see, propaganda did its job, but over time, local perceptions began to change. And now we have very different Syrians with completely different views. Now is not the best reputation among Americans.


A wave of protests against the American occupation of the country has been rolling around Syria for some time. Shares are held precisely in the northern regions, that is, where everything is in charge of the States. So just a few days ago a major protest rally took place in the capital of the self-proclaimed Kurdish state of Rozhava, in the city of Kamyshly, which is in the northeast of Syria.


The first thing that the demonstrators asked was to drive the Americans out of Syria. At the same time, people turned to Assad and asked him to send an army to liberate the territory from foreigners. This is happening against the background of aggravated relations of civilians with the Kurdish Popular Self-Defense Detachments. Recently, collisions have often occurred, which are periodically pumped with the death of people.


Very interesting is the fact that Kamyshly is populated mainly by Kurds, that is, by those people who, according to the theory, should support the detachments of the people’s self-defense. In fact, everything is not quite so.


Also, the second demand of the demonstrators was the expulsion of the Turkish invaders from northwestern Syria – from Afrin, Idlib and Aleppo. In this regard, we turned to the Turkish.


In this regard, we turned to the Turkish expert Ender Imrek.


– In fact, such actions occur in Syria almost constantly. The development of civil society here happened a long time ago – back in 2010-2011. Since then, the Syrians have always been active, if they consider it important, to express their position. But lately, such political protests or anti-war protests are not very popular. Not many people gather for them.


The problem is that in a country where the war has been going on for seven years, such problems are usually solved differently – a violent struggle with those whom they consider to be oppressors. In northern Syria, clashes occur constantly, and the reasons for this are different. There are enough supporters of the United States and opponents.


Due to the catastrophic shortage of personnel officers in the garrisons lured by hunting, fishing and mushroom places.

As for Turkey, the situation is the same. She has many supporters among the residents of Aleppo and Raqqa. The Arab population is generally positive, partly due to economic assistance to local residents of Turkish foundations and government structures during the war years. By the way, in certain areas of northern Syria, people receive a salary in Turkish lira. In the east, of course, a different situation. Anti-Turkish sentiments are strong here because of the propaganda of the Kurds, which the US recently joined because of disagreements around Manbij.


As for the requests of the demonstrators to introduce the regime’s forces in Kamyshly – it’s not true that the locals have deep sympathy for Assad. Of course, these areas were not so badly affected by the actions of the regime during the demonstrations and at the beginning of the war. This plays a certain role, but rather, it’s about something else. People simply understand that the stronger the foreign forces in the country, the further the end of the war. Everyone remembers how they lived before the war – there were problems, but overall it was not bad. Therefore, someone compares – it’s better to live on peace, and let the president be Assad. The war did not give reason to think that a suitable replacement was found. Therefore, it may seem to people that it will be better to call the regime than to endure what is happening now.