F-35 are looking for weak spots of S-300

What types of aircraft can overcome the restricted area of Russian SAMs in Syria?

The Israeli media  praise and then blaspheme Russian S-300, which will be deployed in Syria in the very near future. Moreover, Russia will not reverse its course, unless Tel-Aviv repents, will pay compensation and condemn the perpetrators of the tragedy. This is even theoretically impossible, since it is tantamount to political suicide of Netanyahu.

In general, the consolidated position of Jewish experts has acquired an alarming sound, saying that Russia unleashes “bloody hands” of Shiite Iran, which set the task to return Syria to the Golan Heights. If this happens, Tel Aviv will not stop before blows on Tehran by all having means at it. One must assume that atomic bombs can also be used.

Tel Aviv makes it clear that Moscow is opening the Pandora’s box with a key in the form of S-300 Favourite. True, Assad’s troops will receive not two regimental complexes with a total of up to 24 launchers (as mentioned earlier), but only a third of the original promises. But this number will be enough to solve the tasks. The S-300 have indeed become weapons capable of influencing big politics.

If we take the political arguments of the Jewish prime minister out of the brackets, the delivery of the S-300 will enhance the safety of Russian pilots whose planes are based on the Khmeimim base. This system, unlike the available air forces of the Assad – S-125, S-200 and Pantsir-C1 – will nullify the risks of “friendly fire”. Consequently, it will allow the Syrian antiaircraft gunners to meet Israeli fighters on long-range lines. The response time to threats will also decrease, as the need for clarifications and reconciliations between the military ATS and the Russian Federation will no longer exist.

On the other hand, the S-300, whatever you say, is a means of air defense of yesterday, while Jewish pilots are equipped with the latest technology. In this regard, it is naive to consider the engineers of the Israeli and American military-industrial complex to less smat than Russian, and Russian weapons to be the best. Therefore, under the serious question remains the real outcome of the duel of the anti-aircraft gunners of Assad and the pilots of the IDF. Moreover, Tel Aviv now has F-35 “Lightning II” aircraft, the opinion of which is largely shaped by its critics.

How to behave American light stealth fighter of the 5th generation in the fight against land-to-air missiles “Favourite”, will show only real fights.

However, this is exactly the case when everything is done for the better. Even if we imagine that the F-35 will be able to overcome the S-300 impact zone, Russian military experts will finally receive information about the real secrecy of the “American” in order to further improve the sensory capabilities of the S-300 radar. The only question is, will they do it at the Pentagon, giving the Israelis good?

Perhaps, that is why the Air Force ZAHAL in the fight with the S-300 still puts exclusively on the F-15 and F-16 fighters. Apparently not to declassify the real characteristics of the F-35. Most likely, serious consultations were held between Tel Aviv and Washington.

It seems that the actual characteristics of the stealth of the F-35 are underestimated specially. In particular, Moshe Ahrens, a former Israeli defense minister and now an aviation scientist with the rank of professor, may deliberately mislead the public and the media with fierce criticism of “Lightning.” Too much Americans themselves abuse the F-35, but at the same time spend a lot of money on it. Meanwhile, noone will call them fools. Therefore, to the information that the “Lightning” is capable of being invisible for the S-300 radar it is necessary to be extremely careful.

There is a suspicion that “Favourite” is blinded to overseas stealth planes. This does not mean that the S-300 will not see the Lightning at all in the clear sky, but it is quite possible that it will not detect the F-35 when the EW of the enemy is operating.

By the way, respected Israeli analyst Dave Majumdar, who makes defense reviews for the American edition of The National Interest, believes that the 4th generation fighter aircraft will not overcome the barrier established by the S-300. But in regard to the F-35, he has the opposite opinion.

“The areas protected by these systems will become prohibited areas for most allied aircraft, with the exception of the F-22 Raptor, B-2 Spirit and F-35, if, of course,

but, these military aircraft will be involved, “writes the expert of The National Interest. In fact, he calls into question the very fact that invisibility will go into battle. However, even if the IDF strikes “Lightning”, then the winner will not be determined either. According to Majumdar, the mobile S-300 launchers survive because they are able to leave the “smart bombs” at the last moment. The fact that Russian missile systems are connected by a computer network means that there is a high probability that the attack of Israeli fighters in any case will not go unnoticed. “For the F-15, F-16 and F / A-18 aircraft, the S-300 system is a predator, which is better not to fly near,” warns Majumdar Air Force pilots of the IDF. With a single launcher, Jewish pilots will certainly cope, but with a pack – never.

“Currently, only high-grade invisible aircraft, such as the B-2 Spirit worth $ 2.2 billion, 20 of which are in US Air Force, F-22 The Raptor, as well as the F-35 can work relatively safely in the zone protected by the S-300, “the expert believes. Thus, American” invisibles “, although they carry a serious threat to the S-300, but overall the chances are that the F-22 , B-2 Spirit and F-35 in general will be thrown into battle and inflict a mortal defeat to “Favourite”. Therefore, the Air Force of the IDF will have to look for “blind zones” in the air defense system being built. Already today, Israeli pilots often strike from the territory of neighboring Lebanon, where Syria’s air defense is much weaker than at the Israeli border.

In this connection, Dave Majumdar stressed that the success of the S-300 will depend on where exactly they will be installed in Syria and by whom they will be served. It turns out that Jewish pilots have their secret “air trails”, which they used, for example, during the bombing of Hama and Aleppo. Then they seemed to come from out of nowhere. By the way, a couple of times, Jordanian and Iraqi air defense systems traced flights of US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles, although they were stationed at airfields. It seems very likely that there were Israeli fighters instead. This is possible only if Israeli engineers master the technology of copying transponder codes of foreign planes. In a particular case, American fighters who were allowed to fly across the border of Jordan and Iraq without notice. Therefore, it is not enough to count on the power of S-300, it is still necessary to understand that Russia will have to deal with an intelligent and cunning opponent.