Erdogan hides. Famous dissident writer Limonov about who Turkey fights in Libya

Erdogan was about to send the Turkish army to Libya. In support of Faiz Saranj, Head of Government of National Accord. The Turkish army will fight against the forces of General Haftar, whom we, Russia support. Erdogan here told the whole world that in Libya there are 2 thousand fighters of the Russian private company PMC – Wagner. Allegedly.


Erdogan probably knows how many fighters, and they trust him in the Kremlin. If he says that 2 thousand fighters, probably it is. Much can be done by two thousand war professionals. These can be done!


In vain would Erdogan not talk. Let him postpone the decision until January, when the parliament convenes, and, they say, the parliament will decide.

– As soon as the parliament opens, we will first send a request to send troops there. If we receive an appropriate invitation, we will accept it.


That is, let Erdogan hide behind the back of his parliament, but he himself had already decided that he would send the Turkish army to Libya.


It will be, I think, a break with Russia. This is far from the first, but the Kremlin will not stand up this betrayal. Which fould not fit to any gate. Swear to smithereens and forever.

And “Turkish Stream” would cover with a copper basin.


What is he, Erdogan?

Why, why? Because.


He initially tried to be friends with the United States, and only the fact that the United States wanted to dump him quietly and put the President Gulen (the military coup was inspired by the United States in Turkey) rejected Erdogan from the United States for a while.


Resentment, however, was exhausted, exhausted, and exhausted. And Erdogan may return under the wing of the United States. In addition, the United States does not mind. Turkey for the United States is a great military force in the Middle East, the United States does not neglect such necessary people.


I admitted many times that I can’t stand him, this cunning, obsessive Turkish fox! We had one such in Saltovsky settlement. Hurriedly grabbed your hand and the handshake turned into its predominance over you. Badly finished. Shaking hands did not help. Killed. Not for a handshake, but for the fact that he professed both ours and yours.


Starting to fight with us in Libya (PMC-Wagner is staffed by Russian fighters) Erdogan will definitely sell several S-400s to the United States at an exorbitant price. Many times more expensive than we sold him. Betrayal, of course, but in his code this is normal, plus a small gesheft. Remember also how his son sold the oil delivered from Syria by the Ishilovites ? Already forgotten, but sold, the whole columns of ISIS tankers drove to Turkey. And the son of Erdogan sold the loot.

This is such an ally, but for two superpowers he managed to be his son of a bitch.


There is information about the transfer by Turkey of terrorists from the Jebhat al-Nusra and Islamic State groups to Libya through Tunisia. Ankara is already supplying the troops of Faiz Saranj with tanks and unmanned aerial vehicles.


Now about the timing of voting in parliament.


Allegedly, the party of Justice and Development of Erdogan expects that the vote on the sending of the military contingent will take place on December 31.


According to other sources, on January 2, the Turkish parliament is preparing to discuss the sending of troops to Libya.


According to completely different information, Erdogan spoke out as follows:


– On January 7th, as soon as the parliament opens, we are going to send a request to send troops there. If God pleases, Turkey will accept this request, and thus will agree to the invitation of the official government of Libya to provide him military assistance.

– We will provide any support to the administration in Tripoli, which is fighting a rebellious general, advocated by some European and Arab countries. They help him, and we are on the side of the legitimate government of Libya, – Erdogan said.


But what kind of harness fell under his tail, what kind of fly suddenly bit him? Nevertheless, such sharp turns in politics do not happen every day when the Turkish army is made into the need to fight against the Russians.

Could it be Russia’s revenge for stopping Turkey’s invasion of the Kurdish regions of northern Syria? Have you heard anything recently about the Turkish army in Northern Syria?

I – did not hear anything. Have they gone home and ready for revenge?