Elections in Turkey

will change the relationship between Ankara and Damascus in case Erdogan loses?

Syrian Deputy-Foreign Minister Mekdad said in his interview during Assad visit to Russia:


I think that the will of the Turkish people is aimed at improving relations with Syria. But the electoral process has many difficulties. When any voter is sent to the polling station anywhere in the world, many processes take place in his head. Here are the recent elections in Venezuela, where President Maduro won, and we congratulate him on this victory.

The election process in Turkey is complicated. We hope that the Syrian-Turkish relations will be restored, but we believe that Erdogan Maduro destroyed these relations amidst his political ambitions connected with the hegemony of the Muslim Brotherhood * in the region. He is close to the ideas of the “Muslim Brotherhood” * and dreams of empires. He does not think about the consequences of supporting armed groups in Syria. He destroyed the neighboring state, and the Turkish occupation of Afrina is a vivid example of this.

According to my observations, I suppose that the people of Turkey want to change this position and establish relations with the Syrian people. We do not interfere in the choice of the Turkish people. But the Turkish people are required to oblige their future leadership to work in the interests of their people, establishing relations with the UAR and other neighbors, including with Iraq and Iran. If I understand correctly, Damascus is ready to establish relations with Ankara?

Did Syria start destroying and supporting terrorists in Turkey, for example? We wish all the best to the Turkish people. We want the Turkish people to support the process of reconstruction (relations), and his government stopped supporting the terrorists in the UAR and withdrew its forces, which seized part of the territory of Syria. Restoring relations serves the interests of both peoples.

– To what extent is Syria ready to receive its citizens from among the refugees living in neighboring states?

– This is a very important issue. The normal place of residence of Syrian refugees is their apartments, houses and land in Syria. The ATS welcomes the return of every refugee. Syria offers everything possible for the safe return of its citizens, who were forced to leave due to circumstances. The Syrian state is extremely interested in the return of refugees to their native land and will welcome them. Syria is for us and for all citizens who had to leave. And we believe this is their right to return, and the state’s duty is to ensure all conditions for their worthy return.

The United States with its statements about its intention to withdraw troops from Syria and replace them with Arab forces are trying to draw the Arab countries into direct conflict with Damascus, as well as to pump additional funds out of them, said Deputy Foreign Minister of Syria Faisal Mekdad in an interview with RIA Novosti.

President of the United States Donald Trump said in April that he would like to withdraw the US military from Syria. Later, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adil al-Jubair stated that Qatar should send troops to Syria if it does not want to lose US military support. He noted that if the US ceases to ensure the security of Qatar, then the regime in this country will be overthrown in less than a week. In response, the Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs called “fooling public opinion” the call of Riyadh.

According to Mekdad, in the end, the US will not withdraw its troops. “The main purpose of such statements is the pumping out of funds from Arab countries, this will force them to pay more to the treasury of the US, which, perhaps, is empty. As well as drawing the Arab countries into direct conflict, as far as I can imagine, with the Syrian government, and this is a dangerous situation, “Mekdad said.

According to him, Arab countries should not participate in the killing of Syrians and avoid greater involvement in the conflict. “We will react to such a presence as well as to any other illegal presence on Syrian soil,” Mekdad said.

According to the diplomat, some Arab countries, hinting that they can send their troops to Syria, as a result of this will not do, “since they are stuck in other conflicts – in Yemen and elsewhere.” According to Mekdad, these countries first need to “sort out their internal affairs”.

Yarmuk in the suburbs of Damascus is almost completely destroyed, it’s too early to talk about its restoration, RIA Novosti news agency, UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness told UNRWA news agency.

Earlier it was reported that the government troops of Syria completely freed southern outskirts of Damascus from the terrorists grouping “Islamic State”, the army took control of the entire suburbs of the Syrian capital, in particular the territories of El-Hajr al-Aswad and Yarmuk.

What used to be one of the largest and most demanded Palestinian communities in the Middle East lies in ruins. Hardly one house remained untouched. Most of the houses were either damaged or destroyed, “Gunness said. And it is difficult to imagine that someone in the short term would return to the camp, where there is no water, electricity, gas, shops, health infrastructure.

The camp “Yarmuk”, intended for the accommodation of Palestinian refugees, was established in the southern outskirts of Damascus in 1957.