Donetsk “Cheburashka”s are ready to drown the Ukrainian Navy in the Azov Sea

Donbass increases production of its own MLRS and sniper rifles

The Ukrainian Navy, on the pretext of conducting training firing for the whole summer, closed off an extensive section of the Azov Sea for navigation. The answer of the insurgent Donbass was immediately followed. The head of the DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko, said that in the case of Ukraine’s aggression from the sea, which he attributes to the carrying out of the maneuvers in the Mariupol and Berdyansk regions, “Cheburashka” will be used against “self-propelled” ships. What kind of weapons are we talking about?

The other day blog bmpd posted a video showing how ground-based positions are firing at the trenches of Ukraine’s Ukrainian Armed Forces the multiple-launch rocket system Cheburashka.

Funny, it is called after famous cartoon character.

This weapon is unique in that it was designed and manufactured in the Donetsk People’s Republic. To be more precise – by its “State Innovation Company”.

The video proves that it is not some kind of amature handicraft work — «kustarshina» in Russian. It is an effective weapon. The rockets are beating heavily. Moreover, the rockets are powerful, caliber of 217 mm.

«There is an erroneous opinion that in Donbass nothing is produced except coal. Yes, there is coal, of course, it is the main product. Well, more metal. However, since the Soviet times there is also a mighty engineering industry in teh region. There is, for example, the Tochmash plant, which owns precision technologies. So, there is enough industrial resources for the creation and production of our own weapons. Here we not only are able to do, but also make ammunition for a long time. Shells and missiles — are produced by Donetsk state-owned chemical plant» – said Zaharchenko.

This was fully demonstrated by the exhibition of weapons produced in the Dnieper, which opened in Donetsk on May 9, the Victory Day. Or, in other words – an exhibition of products of the Donetsk military-industrial complex.

The two most impressive exhibits were the MLRS “Cheburashka” and “Snowflake”. Absolutely everything, except for the chassis, including missiles, is produced in the DNR. The uniqueness of Cheburashka is that this MLRS uses two blocks of guides, each of which accommodates 32 missiles of 217 mm caliber. Total – 64 reactive unguided projectiles of high power on each machine.

The clip shows that the shooting is possible crushing density – the interval of descent RSOs from the launcher – less than a second. Yes, the characteristics of the “Cheburashka”, of course, are inferior to the characteristics of the Russian MLRS “Smerch”, in which the missiles fly at a distance of up to 90 km. The “Cheburashka” has a more modest range – 9600 m. However, this is more than enough to shell the enemy, who tries to bring as close as possible its territory to the territory of the People’s Democratic Republic. The minimum range of the Donetsk miracle weapon is 1500 m.

The designers had another reason not to pursue a long range. This reduces the weight of each projectile. And if a Russian MLRS for recharging requires transport-charging machines, then with the same operation on Cheburashka, one fighter can handle one manually. Without any mechanization.

And one more thing, proving that the Donetsk designers have chosen the optimal solution. With increasing range, the accuracy of the hit in the target would suffer. However, as can be seen from the above-mentioned clip, here the “Cheburashka” is all right.

Another Donetsk MLRS, represented at the exhibition, is “Snowflake”. The caliber is even more powerful – 324 mm. According to this indicator it is a real monster. The ammunition is much smaller – two missiles per one weapon. But the range is the same as that of the “Cheburashka”.

True, it is not entirely clear why the “Snowflake” complex in Donetsk is also called the rocket fire system. Judging from the photographs, this is a typical tactical missile system. The wheeled chassis of 6 × 6 on the basis of the KrAZ car provides high mobility, the ability to quickly change position without waiting for a counterbattery strike by the fired enemy.

The number of systems produced in the republic is not reported. However, it can be assumed that the matter is not limited to exhibition samples. This can be judged by the fact that on May 11, the decree of the head of Alexander Zakharchenko in the army of the DNR established a new type of troops – the tactical missile forces of the DNR (RVTN). The impact of the PBTN are exactly the new “Snowflakes”.

The development of their weapons in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk began in 2015. About what Zakharchenko said, opening the exhibition: “Ukraine does not know with whom it contacted! Donbass is an industrial region, talented people, workers’ hands. Since 2015, our enterprises, together with the design bureaus, have begun developing weapons for the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Of course, we still produce fewer weapons, but this is only a matter of time. The rifles represented here are all workers, our servicemen use them. We do not want to fight anyone, but we will not give a single inch of our land! ”

Everything here really started with sniper rifles. This priority was due to the fact that the losses among the soldiers of the army of the People’s Democratic Republic of Ukraine from the snipers’ fire of the Ukrainian military were too heavy . To counteract the rifles that appeared on the other side of the front (this is mostly obtained from the “benefactors” in the West by American Barrett and Austrian Mannlicher), Donetsk engineers had to develop their own – large-sized anti-sniper complexes “Donchanka” (caliber 12.7 mm). Then the militia appeared modified and long-range Donchanki of a more serious caliber – 14.5 mm. However, the race of calibers did not stop there. At the exhibition in Donetsk, you could see a 23-mm “Separatist” rifle, which even looks superbly like an air gun. It is claimed that its aiming range is 3 km. Among the small arms produced by the Donetsk military-industrial complex, there is also a 9-mm-long Oplot submachine gun. He can shoot bursts, which is provided with a magazine containing 20 rounds. By the way, wll-known Stechkin gun store the same volume. Subsequently, the fighting republic reached the point of the mortars caliber 82 mm and 120 mm.

Moreover, as it was stated in one of the interviews of Zakharchenko, there are more than enough mines for them. Since the dryers in such a large number are thrown on the battlefield. For a mortar of a smaller caliber – 60 mm – in Donetsk they began to produce their own mines. It is noteworthy that the Donetsk mortars do not explode when firing. In contrast to the Ukrainian mortar “Hammer” , which has already killed more than a dozen fighters of the Armed Forces.

They can really be called «kustarshina».

And there is nothing supernatural about this. Because the “Hammer” is designed and produced at a former radio engineering plant, where specialists are used to convert electrical vibrations into sound ones.

In the interview a year ago, the head of the DNR said that the Donetsk designers are working on creating their own drone. And it is almost ready: an efficient model was presented at the exhibition. It is, of course, a modest weighting device, but it is said to conduct reconnaissance from the air and transmit information to the control post. The duration of the drone’s flight is 100 minutes. In the coastal waters of Berdyansk and Mariupol, the VMSU has introduced martial law for the whole summer, and another important point.

All Ukrainian developments of their small arms were accompanied by the fact that the trunks for “ukrintovok” and “Ukroautomats” were taken from stockpiles of Soviet samples that had not yet been sold. And AK-47 was not the most ancient way of such a design “vivisection.” In the course there were even the legendary “trilinear” – Mosin’s rifles, with which the Russian army fought back in the First World War. And by the way about Zakharchenko’s threats. He really will not need to use the weapon.

Because, first, on the Sea of ​​Azov, Ukrainians do not have any warships at all. Instead, border patrol boats were created to chase poachers. And armed for this purpose only machine guns caliber 12.7 mm.A, and secondly, Kiev has less boats in these latitudes than one “Cheburashka” has missiles – 15 against 64.