Donbass will be drown in blood

In the DNR and the LNR learned about the plans of Kiev to arrange a massive death of civilians on election day.

President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko prepared for the Donbass “vile plan” in case of defeat in the elections to be held on March 31. This was announced by the head of the press service of the People’s Police Department of the DNR, Daniel Bezsonov.


According to the intelligence of the republic, to which Bezsoonov refers, “anticipating the proximity of the imminent fiasco,” Poroshenko intends to thwart the election of the president of Ukraine by imposing martial law in certain regions of the country.


In particular, the special operations forces were tasked with conducting a series of provocations, one of which would be against the OSCE staff, and the other would be the mass death of citizens. Both provocations can be carried out on the territory under the control of the security forces.


-We know for certain that the Zolotoe check point, prepared for the unilaterally opening, is mined, provocative actions will be carried out after the start of the passage of civilians into the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic. Poroshenko’s henchmen shut down check point “Stanitsa Luganskaya” and forcibly send civilians to minefields installed in the check point Golden zone. Civilians blown up by mines will be presented as “another act of aggression” on our part, ”the defense official said.


According to him, in this case, “the hands of Kiev will be untied” for the intensification of hostilities in the Donbas.


  • Such a scenario cannot be ruled out, – says political analyst Alexander Dudchak.


– If these people came to power through lawlessness — violations of the Constitution and many laws of Ukraine, and the murders of their own supporters, then what prevents them from carrying out new provocations?


– According to Bezsonov, Poroshenko intends to disrupt the presidential elections in Ukraine by imposing martial law in certain regions of the country. Does Rada give him that opportunity? Then, with difficulty, they approved it for a month …


– It is unlikely that he would dare. The West shook his finger at him and probably advised to look for other ways to stay in power, which Poroshenko’s team is working on.


– And the army? Will it support the murderous decisions of the president – a political corpse? Poroshenko generally have someone to rely on? Will someone support him, seeing that he is losing?


– What should the army support? On the introduction of martial law, if such will be introduced, which is unlikely, the army will not be asked. But martial law does not threaten her with anything – this is not fighting. Rather, the increase in the status of the APU without the risk of bloodshed.


– If Poroshenko will be able to win in another, “peaceful” way, does this mean that the danger of provocations has passed?


– The task of involving Russia in the conflict in the Donbas as a direct participant has not been implemented. And the aggravation in the Donbass may not be connected with the elections, but implemented after them, if Poroshenko receives such a task after his reassignment.

– The incompetence of the Ukrainian side is pushing the neo-Banderes into provocations, – said historian, journalist, and permanent expert of the Izborsk club, Alexander Dmitrievsky.


– Unfortunately, for Kiev, almost all the tricks of his people turned out to be so embroidered with white thread that no one in the world has any faith in these fakes.


– And yet the intelligence in this case, scary people with nightmares? After all, how many times we have heard horrible scenarios – terrible provocations allegedly learned by intelligence … Or were they all not realized because they became public?


  • It is the second: the provocations were not realized only because they became public. Provocation is good only if it turns out to be a surprise for everyone except its organizer. As, for example, it was with the Malaysian “Boeing”, performing flight MN-17 in the sky over the village of Grabovo. And if everyone knows about the upcoming provocation, then the focus will definitely not succeed …


– Bezsonov claims that Poroshenko again intends to impose martial law in certain regions of the country. Will he be allowed to do this?


  • Means does not justify the goal. The means justify the rules and conditions of the game. And if the winner is not judged, and the vanquished pays for everything, then any means are good for the victory, therefore.

The means justify the rules and conditions of the game. And if the winner is not judged, and the vanquished pays for everything, then any means are good for victory, so there can be no question of any honesty.


– How do you think, is it really a checkpoint “Zolotoye” just for the sake of provocation opened?

– Who discovered? Ukraine, or what? There were no bilateral agreements on this score. Therefore, the opening of the checkpoint “Zolotoye” is definitely a provocation.


– And what about the OSCE? Do they realize that their employees can be trite?

– The OSCE is a tool of aggression by the collective West against the Donbass, so they can be dealt with in the way their masters want.

– According to Bezsonov, in this case, “the hands of Kiev will be untied” for the intensification of hostilities in the Donbass. So what? What does he expect? What will the West approve, and Russia will not intervene?

– For Poroshenko, any war is good now. And not necessarily victorious: just in case of victory, he will be in a less favorable position, since the source of the problems will not go anywhere. But in the event of a defeat, which is really beneficial to him, all the problems can be attributed to Russia. The source of problems, which is out of reach, and with which nothing can be done, is a real treasure for Ukrainian politicians …

– How can these hostilities develop? Where will they try to hit the APU, and what will be next?

– Plans of Ukrainian punishers have repeatedly laid out in the world wide web, so it makes no sense to retell them once again. And this will end with the defeat of Ukraine, which, in general, to Kiev, as mentioned above, is not so unprofitable as it may seem …

But the chief editor of the portal FORUM. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov is skeptical of the DNR intelligence.


– There is, of course, army intelligence, battalion, maximum regimental level. But in this case we are not talking about the commandos, but about political intelligence, for the creation of which the Donbass republics have neither resources nor personnel. And this is not done quickly. Most likely we are talking about advocacy, frankly, not very clever.


According to the State Duma deputy, the question requires only legal formalities.

– But is Poroshenko really able to impose martial law in order to disrupt the elections?

– We have already passed this, and nothing good happened for Poroshenko. Although Poroshenko’s attempt can be made, but the time before the elections is not enough, some giant hecatomb should be arranged, an atomic bomb should be blown up, I don’t know … well, I doubt the realism of the scenario. I suspect someone from the newly minted Kremlin geniuses invented.

– But can Poroshenko seriously go to the massacre of civilians on the eve of the election?

– Now the price of human life is again becoming low, not only in the Donbass. All this recalls the middle of the last century, when human deaths were counted on hundreds of thousands and millions, and did not frown. Do you think the current discourse hosts are from another test?

– And in the OSCE realize that they can become victims of provocations?

– I think the OSCE understands who they are dealing with. On the other hand, in the OSCE, they are so skillfully able to close their eyes to obvious things, that anything is possible. Another thing, why?

– If Poroshenko conceived a real war, what is he counting on? How will he act?

– I do not think that Kiev is ready for a big war, and he is already a little across his throat. But it’s not easy to say what the elites in the US and Europe are prepared for.

As for how they can act … It’s hard to catch a black cat in a dark room, especially when it’s not there. The promising directions of strikes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been known for more than one year. But so far, these prospects remain only in the heads of analysts. Ukraine is not ready for a big war, and no one in the world is ready, except, perhaps, the North Korea.