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lawlessness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Zolotoye, “mysterious deaths” in the DNR

Donbass today: the stronghold of the Armed Forces is liquidated in the LNR, “mysterious deaths” in the NDP.

Donbass, on July, 6th. Ukrainian troops are pulling equipment to the Donbass and oppose the DNR. People from the People’s Republic of Donetsk are lost in the territories under the control of the Armed Forces. Ukrainian media outperformed themselves.

In the zone of responsibility of the 28th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces, the intelligence of the Donetsk People’s Republic noted the increase in the number of equipment and personnel.

In this area (Elizavetovka settlement, Donetsk region), the command of the Ukrainian forces strengthened measures to counter the aerial reconnaissance of the area by Donettsk drone.

These facts confirm both the buildup of the shock grouping of troops, and the fact that Kiev hides these facts in order to avoid getting information in the mission’s reports.

Donbass today: the stronghold of the Armed Forces is liquidated in the LNR, “mysterious deaths” in the NDP.

Lawlessness in the “liberated” settlement and the revenge of Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the newly liberated Ukrainian village of Zolotoye-4 in the Popasnyansky District of the Lugansk Region, Ukrainian fighters forcefully force the dissatisfied in an unknown direction. Recall that on July 2, the headquarters of the Operation of the United Forces of Kiev announced the release of the said settlement, despite the fact that the settlement since the summer of 2014 and so was under the control of the Ukrainian army.

As for the loss of people – local residents report that these incidents occur after the “clearing” of mass cleansings in the population on the eve of the day to eliminate dissent. So, two local residents who stood up for their fellow countrymen, were taken out by the fighters of the APU in an unknown direction and have not appeared for several days already.

In conversations with local residents, the “defenders” of Donbass say that the settlement will still be wiped out by the AFU  soldiers themselves in retaliation for attempting the residents of the locality to join the Lugansk People’s Republic.

Soldiers from the AFU burned a stronghold.

Kiev troops continue to make money in the war. Intelligence ЛНР became aware of the incident in Stanichno-Lugansky district, where the stronghold of the siloviki was destroyed in the zone of responsibility of the 80th brigade of the Ukrainian army.

According to available information, the withering units of the 59th Brigade deliberately set fire to a platoon stronghold in order to conceal large-scale embezzlement of munitions and weapons.

Donbass today: the stronghold of the Armed Forces is liquidated in the LNR, “mysterious deaths” in the NDP

“Mysterious deaths in the DNR”, or “The main thing – the headline is brighter”

The Ukrainian mass media, for lack of worthy informational occasions from the territories of the people’s republics of Donbass, come up with them themselves.

Thus, the Kiev propaganda resource “Information of Resistance”, supervised by Verkhovna Rada deputy Dmitri Tymchuk, reported that in Gorlovka cases of mysterious deaths from “strangulation with mine gases and the use of poisoned water” were noted.

Immediately, literally in the same paragraph, journalists, in order not to disgrace themselves at all, came to their senses and wrote that “there are no specific examples” and “the information requires alternative confirmation”. Then there are arguments that in general such incidents in the city where there are mines that are flooded are “in principle possible”.

There is a logical question: if there are no specific examples, and the information is not confirmed – why write about it at all ?! With the same success, you can write the title “Tymchuk has a serious mental disorder.” And in the text to refute this information, writing that “this has not yet been confirmed, but everything can be, since the work of a deputy is difficult and requires emotional stress” – after all, is it logical ?!

It would seem – they did not lie, but what effect … Some part of the audience in Ukraine will necessarily believe this.