Donbass temporary peace

Shelling, sabotage, terrorist attacks

Ukrainian DRGs continue to hit the republics, even when the guns fall silent

As clarified in the ministry, the objectives of the saboteurs were transport interchanges, bridges, railway tracks, as well as objects of the energy sector.

Recall, on December 27, 2018, the security subgroups in Minsk in videoconference mode managed to agree on the observance of the New Year truce in the Donbass from December 29.

And already on January 18, the official representative of the People’s Militia of the DNR, Eduard Basurin, told reporters that the Ukrainian side had violated the cease-fire regime more than 70 times in just one week.

He also added that the Ukrainian security forces used mortars, armored vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.

On the same day, the head of the DNR Denis Pushilin announced large-scale military exercises.

– Taking into account the nature of Ukraine’s actions, I believe that the planned exercises of the People’s Militia of the DNR, which are exclusively defensive in nature, will be the key to strengthening the republic’s defense capability and raising the morale of our fighters, – he stressed.

A day earlier, Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE, Alexander Lukashevich, said that the parties to the conflict in Donbas need to agree on measures to de-escalate tensions near civilian infrastructure, including a ban on sabotage.

Recall also that on January 2, in the capital of the DNR, Ukrainian saboteurs undermined the supports of the railway bridge across the Slavyansk-Donetsk-Mariupol bypass road. By luck, no one was hurt. The staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DNR restored the supports during the night.

Earlier, another terrorist act was prevented in the republic. On December 28 of the past year, one of the employees of the DonZhD, performing a detour, found a suspicious device near the overpass for 1137 km of the overpass. The incident was reported to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which surveyed a longer area and found two more bombs.

According to the historian, journalist, and permanent expert of the Izborsk club, Alexander Dmitrievsky, Ukraine has not for a moment stopped the war against Donbass and is not going to do it.

  • If full-scale shelling does not allow the Minsk Agreement to lead, then it remains to resort to sabotage methods.

– Six attempts to invade the DRG for the current truce – is that a lot? Or for this war rate?

—Even one attempt is a lot. The norm is zero. But in the Donbas, too, do not sit with folded arms …

– The objectives of the saboteurs were transport interchanges, bridges, railway tracks, as well as objects of the energy sector. What do they want to achieve?

– Here, Ukraine, as always, is in its repertoire: everything is being done to ruin the life of Donbass according to the classic Ukraine principle “What I don’t eat I will take a bite at least!” But we must understand that it is impossible to inflict any serious damage on these sabotage: for example, at the very beginning of January in Donetsk, the Bandera terrorists damaged the supports of the railway bridge, but they were repaired in less than a day. Now they are waiting for the onset of warm days in order to carry out a full repair of the bridge and perform those works that cannot be done in winter. But at the same time there are few media reports that on the same day, several cases of mining of important objects were prevented in the DNR.

– Alexander Lukashevich, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the OSCE, stated that the parties to the conflict in Donbass need to coordinate measures to de-escalate tensions near civilian infrastructure, including a ban on sabotage. How realistic is this?

– The idea is good. However, Ukraine, which has chosen the path of terror, is unlikely to abide by such agreements. Alas, in Kiev they do not understand that the pinpoint killings of well-known personalities and attempts to damage infrastructure facilities cannot destroy the existing statehood. And the people of terror can not be beaten to their side.

– Only in the first week of 2019 on the north-western front line near Donetsk, Ukrainian DRGs made at least five attempts to penetrate the territory of the DPR to kill or capture Donetsk fighters, – recalls the secretary of the OKP Central Committee and the former representative of the DPR MFA in Moscow Daria Mitina.

– In particular, in the first days of the new year, five saboteurs attempted to pass to the position of Almaz on the Avdeev industrial zone and on Zhabunki. There was an attempt to penetrate to the Donetsk filtering station. In preventing the attacks of the ukrodrg of the defense Ministry of the DPR, it is almost daily. In early January, an engineering intelligence group was spotted in the Avdiivka district, which made a pass at the mine explosive obstacles for the DRG, but without success – two Ukrainian saboteurs died on the mines.

– But after all, before the New Year, another truce was concluded …

– It is absurd for itself to realize the truce in this situation. A truce is a break agreed by the belligerents in the course of military actions. In other words, both parties in this case must recognize that they are leading large-scale military actions. Ukraine does not recognize its punitive operation as a war. Punitive operations do not provide for truce.

Practice shows that no single anonymous peace truce was observed by the Ukrainian side, the statistics of shootings, death, injuries, identical, that in ordinary days, that in the days of “truce”. Conventionally truces are used, for example, for the exchange of prisoners, but in 2018 Ukraine did not agree on the exchange of prisoners with the DNR and the LNR, and the last exchange took place in December 2017.

– What most often target diversions?

– The Ukrainian side manages to often detach the border area of ​​the DPR or another, and also to disable the water supply lines, as a result of which people living near the artificial border sit without electricity or water. Fortunately, there were no major terrorist attacks.

– And how successful are the republics in preventing sabotage?

  • According to the DNR MGB, thanks to the vigilance of the DNR army, the Ukrainian Armed Forces could not implement any sabotage operation. The Ukrainian soldier, captured the other day, informed about the sabotage with the use of chemical means, which is being prepared by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but the republics can prevent such attempts. Since 2014, in this sense, a significant progress has been observed, associated with the acquisition of experience, and with the personnel strengthening of republican power structures, and with consultative assistance provided to the republics by other countries. But there is no need to relax – the boundaries are very transparent, and the concentration of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the border zone is inadequate height.

– Is there a way to somehow stop sabotage? Here they propose to introduce a ban on sabotage activities …

“The ban on sabotage” – this is nonsense, about the same as “but let’s ban the war.” And let’s The question of the de-escalation and reduction of diversified activity is not solved by itself, without the permission of the question of the demilitarization of the aggressive Nazi regime in Kiev. The experience of broken and devalued Minsk agreements is a vivid example.