Donbass and the Ukraine “night of long knives”

Public humiliation of the head of state by “ATO veterans” showed that no one rules Ukraine today.

After a visit to Japan, the President of Ukraine first went to the so-called zone of the Operation of the Combined Forces (OOS). Of all the few tours of the “guarantor” to the forefront in the Donbass, this promises to be the most memorable. And for the rest of the world, the question suddenly arose: is anyone really managing this country today? And if not, are there any prospects for any attempts to establish peace in these parts?


In short: in the area of ​​the village of Zolotoye, where the troop withdrawal has long been disrupted, the Ukrainian leader has quarreled with “ATO veterans”.Well, they call themselves “Anti Terrorist Operation veterans”. In fact, these are unknown people with weapons who, as it turned out, even at the sight of television cameras do not obey the orders of their Supreme Commander-in-Chief and publicly humiliate him.


At the positions of the Ukrainian military in Zolotoye, Zelensky decided to spend the night. According to the press secretary of the head of state, Julia Mendel, here he “talked with local residents and the military to find out the mood regarding the withdrawal of troops.” Apparently, the president has no other important matters, so communication lasted for two days.


The question of how appropriate it is for any commander-in-chief in any country to discuss his decisions with rank-and-file fighters will be put aside. But this would have made at least some sense if Zelensky had spoken with the current Armed Forces servicemen. He, as it turned out, even from the point of view of official Kiev that day talked with notorious and outright criminals.


The press center of the OOS headquarters said that these people with weapons “are not representatives of any law enforcement agencies or the Armed Forces of Ukraine authorized to be and operate in the area of ​​the operation of the Joint Forces.” In addition, the law clearly defines the categories of citizens who may be in frontline areas with weapons in their hands. The interlocutors of the president do not belong to any of these categories. That is – it is not the president who should speak with them, but the relevant law enforcement agencies.


But Zelensky remains true to his principle, which he himself formulated during a recent press marathon: “By force even a fool can!” And he, according to the president, is not a fool. Therefore, he will communicate with people, convey his position to them, and prove his case.


Apparently, for this Zelensky went to the village of Zolotoye, where the “ATO veterans” dug in almost three weeks ago. The president could not know about this, although his legend is different. He allegedly accidentally learned from the locals that a group of armed people had settled in a private house.

– Residents of the Golden are seriously worried about who they are. I decided to talk with them myself. Some conversations turned out to be emotional, – Zelensky wrote on his Facebook page.


Conversations, fragments of which leaked to the Network, were not only emotional, but also humiliating for a person in the status of Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On one of the published videos, the president talks to a certain Denis, who demanded that he “formalize relations” and conclude a memorandum. In response, Zelensky also demanded in front of his insolent interlocutor to surrender his weapon. And he added: “I am the president of this country, I am 42 years old, I’m not a douche.”




Another nationalist said that those who want to quickly resolve the issue of peace “get the shame and the continuation of the war” (apparently an unsuccessful attempt to quote Churchill). Zelensky wondered: “Are you talking about me now?” The interlocutor began to deny, mumble something about Abkhazia and Karabakh. But the Ukrainian leader understood everything correctly. “Veterans of anti-terrorist operation” consider his policy wrong and will not allow the withdrawal of troops.


As a result of the meeting, the nationalists recorded a video message in which they again assured that they were not going to leave anywhere with the front line: “We called our action“ Last checkpoint ”and we will stay here until the last, no matter what it costs us. We are here legally. It is our constitutional duty to protect Ukraine and its citizens. ”


The same people said that Zelensky gave a personal order to “throw” them out of Zolotoye. Although he publicly promised to continue to “talk and seek mutual understanding.”


Of course, the demand of Zelensky to lay down the weapons, voiced by him repeatedly, was not fulfilled by the radicals. They also complained about the “boorish behavior” of the guarantor. As a result, a trip to the OOS zone turned into a public humiliation for him.

The fact that the president with the highest level of trust from the population of the country can not cope with a handful of radicals, you can not talk again. It’s obvious. Another thing is important: “The Ze-team” was never able to agree with the curators of the project “Last checkpoint”. In particular, with the Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov, who, if he does not protect the radicals, at least does not prevent them from sabotaging the troop withdrawal. In the new government of Ukraine, the old Interior Minister was to become the guarantor of street stability. It turned out the other way round: he is using lured radicals under the leadership of the “white leader” Andrei Biletsky to strengthen his own positions.


If you want to “resolve” the situation can be quite simple. For example, to conclude a fake “gentlemen’s agreement” between the authorities and veterans, which will allow the separation of troops in the area of ​​Petrovsky and Zolotoye. Or even simpler: the same Biletsky will come to the “twin cities” and say that the president should be trusted. But what is the price of the question?


Obviously, one of Avakov’s conditions is to push the bill on re-subordination to the President of the National Guard, which is now part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to hell. You can only guess about the remaining details.

Be that as it may, Zelensky is not at risk of dealing with aggressive radicals. We rephrase his own expression: “By force – a fool cannot.” The knees are shaking. Because to help several dozen “ATO veterans” in the event of serious skirmishes, several hundred will arrive tomorrow. And how will the same fighters of the “volunteer battalions” who joined the structure of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs behave? Could they remember who their real “leaders” are?


On the other hand, for the Ukrainian “night of long knives” in Kiev, now is the time. Firstly, because a huge margin of political strength today allows Zelensky to implement even the most adventurous or unpopular initiatives. In just a few months, his rating will begin to fall, and then solving the “veteran” issue will be much more difficult.


Secondly, bargaining with Avakov means strengthening his position. This does not fit into the plans of the Ze-Team. The current head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is considered as a rudiment of the Poroshenko era, which can be eliminated over time. Otherwise, the president simply will not be able to establish real control over the power block.


Meanwhile, decisive action is expected from Zelensky in the international arena. It is possible that his trip to Zolotoye was the result of a diplomatic “kick” from Berlin and Paris. Although Zelensky himself is interested in deploying troops in the Petrovsky and Zolotoy areas, that is, to fulfill Russia’s last condition for holding a meeting of the leaders of the “Norman Four”. He is not (or still) about to implement the Minsk agreements – the Ukrainian leader just needs to show his compatriots the seriousness of his intentions.


If the “Norman format” doesn’t come to life, Ukrainians will hardly believe that Zelensky did everything possible to end the war and return Donbass. And distrust will soon result in large electoral losses.


By and large, the desire to keep a motley voter at all costs has already played a cruel joke with the Ukrainian president. Supporters of the war “to the bitter end” saw that he wanted to get along with Russia. And from there, it is not far to the “surrender”.

Supporters of a peaceful settlement of the conflict and the reintegration of Donbass into Ukraine, on the contrary, blame the authorities for indecision and inconsistency.

In a word, everyone is dissatisfied. So far, Zelensky is saved only by the fact that many Ukrainians are ready to wait for changes for the better for a year or even longer. But the Kremlin does not intend to wait. The delay with the withdrawal of troops has already led to the fact that the Russian side voiced a new condition for the meeting of the leaders of the “Norman Four” – the implementation of the “Steinmeier formula” in Ukrainian legislation.

Europe again pretended to believe: Kiev’s peacekeeping efforts are not just running on the spot

In a couple of weeks, it is quite possible that Moscow will take an even tougher stance. Is that why the Champs Elysees strongly recommended Zelensky to withdraw his troops until Putin finally “scored” on the “Norman format”?

It is noteworthy that while Zelensky was sorting out relations with the radicals, the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group Leonid Kuchma publicly disowned the “Steinmeier formula”. Although he put his signature under it. And this is a clear sign that the current president is not worth a penny even for his own negotiators.

What can we say about political opponents and the street controlled by them?

If Zelensky wants to gain the real fullness of presidential power, then is the time to take decisive action for this. Tomorrow will be too late.


And at this time.


One of the most odious leaders of Ukrainian nationalists, Dmitry Yarosh, addressed the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky because of the incident in Zolotoy. He recalled how in 2015 Peter Poroshenko had already ordered the army to disarm one of the “volunteer battalions” led by the battalion commander Cherny, who was standing on the front line.


We will quote part of the appeal: “To fulfill this anti-state task, the leaders of the state, who signed the so-called Minsk agreements, threw several battalions of landing troops, artillery and reactive forces … Ukrainian coordinates of our Grad’s were given even.”


And further: “Ukrainian“ Grads ”for Ukrainian volunteers did not work then. And the then paratrooper commander General Zabrodsky, calling me, said unequivocally: “Ukrainian paratroopers will not shoot at Ukrainian volunteers.” Therefore, everything turned out in our opinion … The Russian plan did not pass! ”


Today, according to Yarosh, his “volunteers” are supported by “the whole of Ukraine.” But they do not want an armed clash with the army. However, only “until the existing interim government crosses the border.”


At the same time, a threatening appeal to Zelensky was publicly made by the leader of the “National Corps” of Ukraine Andriy Biletsky. In his opinion, if the head of state orders to “throw out” units from the Zolotoye, then next week there will be not a few tens, but a thousand people in the village.

  • If it does not work out with a thousand, there will be ten thousand, – he said.