Dmitry Peskov s Interview

Part 2.

Crimea, Nuclear Parity. And no rose-colored glasses.

See Part 1 of the Interview for the beginning.

– And what about the Crimea?

– You are usually categorical on this issue, but there is an opinion in the West that it was Donald Trump who is probably ready to talk about the Crimean issue in a way that is uncharacteristic for Western European, American politicians. Maybe, it’s with him about it that it’s worth talking about?

– Well, look, it’s only one way to talk. In the vein that the repetition of such a phrase, that, until Russia gives the Crimea, there will not be one, that, that, as some mantra is absolutely illogical, unpromising. And, in fact, the way to nowhere. This means that nothing will ever happen. Crimea is the territory of the Russian Federation, it is one of the regions of the Russian Federation. Crimea joined Russia, reunited with the Russian Federation in strict accordance with international law. The forerunner of this decision of the Crimeans and the Russian Federation, subsequently adopted, were well-known events in Kiev, provoked and staged, also known by whom. Therefore, in this vein, talking about the Crimea is absolutely hopeless, and we do not see any point in it.

– Maybe Donald Trump is the politician who will stop repeating this mantra? You do not count on it?

– You know, we’ve never worn and do not wear rose-colored glasses. But, of course, you can count on it.

– Dmitry Sergeyevich, Trump already announced that he is preparing a great gift for Vladimir Vladimirovich. And to some kind of reciprocal gesture, Vladimir Vladimirovich and your administration are preparing?

– I can not say yet. But of course, as a rule, some exchanges of gifts are envisaged. But it will not be the main thing. The main thing, of course, is the fact of the meeting itself. In addition to the headliners that appeared after the visit of Donald Trump to Brussels for the NATO summit, many drew attention to the increase in the military budget of this organization. And how did the Russian side react?

– You see, NATO is an instrument of confrontation, which was designed and created for the purpose of confrontation. And this is the original purpose of the alliance has not gone away. Therefore, when the alliance, which openly considers Russia a potential opponent, increases its budget, this means that Russia must be on the alert, and Russia remains on the alert. The outcome of the meeting between Putin and Trump was commented on by the military expert: America benefits from Russia’s nuclear disarmament, but we will not go to it

– So in this case, you do not talk about any measures, only about such statements?

-You know that parity is reliable is ensured by new inventions, due to the inventions of new weapon systems, which are called, as they say, to concrete the nuclear parity. Nuclear parity is an element of mutual deterrence that guarantees strategic nuclear security. Well, and against the background of other threats that result from the alliance, you know that our armed forces and our military-industrial complex are taking all the necessary measures. Syrian troops in Daraa province.

– Dmitry Sergeevich, Syrian flag flies over Daraa, although in 2011 this city was the cradle of protests against Assad. Now that the “Islamic state” has been defeated and the Syrian government has regained control over most of the country’s territory, what further steps can we expect from Moscow?

– Indeed, now, in general, ISIS has been routed. Although there are enclaves in Syria, where, with the obvious connivance of third parties, the grouping of terrorist elements continues. The fight against these terrorist elements continues with the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic. This is absolutely normal process. Ultimately, all of this is intended to provide an outlet for a politico-diplomatic settlement of the Syrian conflict. You know, this is the constitutional commission, and a comprehensive way out to the peace process, the continuation of the Astana process, and so on. Putin and Trump met in Helsinki. But it is in this context that talks with Donald Trump are interesting.

– Can we expect something fundamentally new? And do you expect US pressure on Iran’s influence in Syria?  Obviously, Syria was discussed by the two presidents. We well know the attitude of Washington to Iran. But at the same time, Iran is our good partner for trade and economic cooperation, for political dialogue. And that’s why it will not be a simple exchange of opinions. And, of course, Israel’s interests are there. That’s why I would like to ask you: how will you try to keep a balance between all these players? Of course, all this also affects what Russia is doing there.

– You know that President Putin, in fact, is engaged in this constantly. Even in the last days you probably recorded that he hosted the special representative of Velayati, received a message from both the spiritual leader of Iran and the president of the country. Simultaneously, several days before that, regular talks with Netanyahu took place. Therefore, it is very, let’s say, a complex web of contacts, which are ultimately designed to minimize the possible negative consequences of irreconcilable differences for the prospects for a political settlement in Syria.

– Dmitry Sergeevich, let’s touch on a slightly different topic. On which car was Vladimir Vladimirovich traveling in Finland? Did his “Cortege” get there?

– You know that these are new cars. They are produced, of course, by the piece, this is not mass production yet. Though already in the autumn the company starts to accept orders for serial cars which since New year already will go on sale. But, as more and more limousines will be produced that are capable of transporting heads of state, accordingly, there will be more opportunities for using these machines on a wider territory.