Did Trump give the Kremlin a state secret of America?

Why the US President was not really afraid of Russia’s interference in his election?

U.S. President Donald Trump, during a meeting in 2017 with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, said he was not worried about Moscow’s potential interference in the US presidential election, because Washington did the same in other countries. About this with reference to its own sources writes The Washington Post.


According to the publication, the White House tried to hide this statement of the president from the media. According to him, only a few high-level officials were admitted to the memorandum following the meeting.


We are talking about the first meeting of Trump with Russian officials, which took place on May 10, 2017, following which the White House announced its intention to improve relations with Russia. In turn, the head of Russian diplomacy called the staff of the administration of the recently elected US President «the people of business».


A few days later, the same WP accused the president of allegedly disclosing to Lavrov some top-secret information regarding the Islamic State (ISIS) group. In addition, it was reported that Trump allegedly revealed even more information to Moscow than his allies. the then head of the State Department, Rex Tillerson, who admitted, however, that during the meeting a number of issues were discussed, among which were joint efforts in the fight against terrorism.


Obviously, the next publication of WP is a continuation of the information attack against the American leader, which began with accusations of pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky during telephone calls in July this year, in which WP is among many other publications called by Trump “the fake news” , took an active part.


According to The New York Times, transcripts of some of Donald Trump’s conversations with foreign officials, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Saudi royal family, were placed in a secret computer system. According to the publication, the use of the system began to be widely discussed immediately after the accusations against the US president of trying to hide the transcript of the conversation Zelensky. For the first time, the practice of classifying secret negotiations between the president and foreign leaders began to be applied just after the leak of details of the conversation with Lavrov.


Earlier, CNN reported on trimming the negotiations between Trump and Putin and Muhammad bin Salman. According to his sources, access to these conversations was “significantly limited” to prevent their publicity, in particular, officials who usually had access to a draft transcript of conversations did not see it at all this time. What kind of calls are in question, the interlocutors of the TV channel did not explain.


It is clear that all this is an intra-American showdown on the eve of the start of the next presidential election. The Russian audience, in this case, cannot help but be specifically interested in Trump’s phrase that he is not worried about “Russian intervention,” since the United States is doing the same in other countries.


Can this be considered as a recognition that they intervened in our elections and continue to interfere?

Unless, of course, such a statement on the part of Trump could really be made, and we are not dealing with the next misinterpretation of the words of the American president from the media supporting his opponents.


  • This could really be said by Trump, – said Igor Shatrov, deputy director of the National Institute for the Development of Modern Ideology.


  • Moreover, I’m even sure that this was the case, – Trump, for the sake of establishing a relationship, could well share the “Open Secret” that the United States systematically intervened in the internal affairs of other states, including in the elections. Another thing is that Trump is not involved in this.


The question why this has become known right now also has a logical explanation. I would put this drain on a par with the statement about the beginning of the impeachment procedure. Opponents of trump make public the facts that may indicate treason on the part of the president. Information about US secret activities clearly falls under the definition of state secrets, and its dissemination qualifies as high treason. In addition, Trump is also accused of the fact that the information about the activities of ISIS, which he allegedly transmitted to Lavrov, threatened the lives of American agents in the Middle East.


– Even if Trump admits that they are interfering in elections in other countries, why is he not concerned about interference in US elections? Illogical …


  • Why? Let’s look at the situation through the eyes of Trump. What did this supposedly Russian intervention lead to? To Trump’s victory? So what? Trump knows exactly the most important thing for himself: he is not a Russian agent. And how then to evaluate these efforts, if they, of course, were, Trump thinks. As leading to failure. In fact, Trump remains Trump and approaches the issue as a businessman. If the result of such an intervention was not a regime change, it should be recognized as ineffective, and the money spent on it – wasted. Accusing Russia of aggression in cyberspace, American experts clearly relied on the experience of similar operations that they had previously carried out around the world. These operations ended in nothing, and the unwanted US regimes were changed using other methods. But interfering in the electoral processes at the stage of elections from abroad, if we are not talking about posts on social networks, of course, is clearly an expensive undertaking. With such an inefficient spending of the state budget, Trump decided to fight, and in the course he leaked dirt on his predecessors.


– Can this statement be considered as a recognition that they interfered in our elections and continue to interfere?


– In 2017, Trump clearly did not feel such a desire. As we said, that’s why I shared the “state secret”. It seems to me that he remained unconvinced. The cost of this process and low cost-effectiveness are perhaps the main reason that Trump will try to avoid this. This does not mean that there are no structures in the USA that will take this seriously in order to achieve maximum effect.


– Should we somehow react? Or is it better to distance yourself from these showdowns?


– It all looks ridiculous. As if grabbing a straw. So, in my opinion, it is necessary to react – to laugh. Look at the ridiculous leapfrog around the conversation with Zelensky. The situation was anecdotal. First, Pelosi herself indicted Trump, and then accused Russia … of involvement in the disclosure of this “secret.” It turns out that we told her something? A split personality based on pathological dislike for Trump.


– This is quite in the spirit of Trump and, in general, corresponds to reality, – said political analyst Ivan Lizan.


– Just now, any news about Trump and Russia is turning into an instrument of struggle against the US president.


—Can this statement be considered as a recognition that they intervened in our elections and continue to interfere?


  • And who needs these confessions? Interventions in the elections are an open secret. The whole question is how to intervene and its acceptability. NPOs, soft power, backstage arrangements are commonplace. But millions of dollars on SMM in the networks of a potential partner is another matter. So they intervened, interfere and will intervene.


– Recently, the topic of interference in other people’s elections has been too promoted, but how many are aware of what this word means?” What is this “intervention” and how does it usually look in practice?


– In our case, this is media support of any political force or movement (Trump, Navalny, and so on), promotion in social networks or just financing of loyal political forces or Non state organizations s. But with the latter it’s difficult – in the USA there is FARA, and we have a law on foreign agents.


– It turns out that Lavrov already in 2016 knew that they were interfering? Do you think any actions have been taken?


– So Lavrov should not take action – his job is to do what the actors responsible for developing foreign policy say, and when necessary – to express concern.

Law enforcement agencies – the FSB, the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Justice should respond to outside interference in elections, the latter keeps a register of foreign agents.


– What will they say in the Duma commission investigating the facts of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Russia? Will there be a reaction? And is it even worth it to somehow react to this so that they do not try to drag us into the intra-American showdown? Or will it still be, whatever we do?


  • What can they say, and why? We have no conflict between the parties and the president; no one in the walls of the State Duma intends to initiate an impeachment procedure against Putin. Those. the investigation will have nothing but a media effect. But why prove what is already known? And then there is the situation like “prove that you are not an elephant.” We are guilty simply because in the USA it is so desirable. And relations between Russia and the United States are far from the criminal process with the presumption of innocence. So no matter how hard we try, nothing will come of it. We are guilty, period. This madness just needs to be overcome.