Defeat us from the occupation

the authorities of Afrin called on Damascus to protect the borders from the Turkish troops

The authorities of the Kurdish district of Afrin in northern Syria appealed to the government of the country to protect their territory from attempts to establish a “Turkish occupation”. The relevant application is posted on the official site of the district administration. This is the operation of the “Olive Branch”, carried out by the Turkish troops, whose purpose is to destroy the Kurdish armed formations on the Syrian-Turkish border. At the same time, the authorities in the region that requested assistance from Damascus, in fact, do not obey the central leadership of the state. On the development of the situation in Afrin – in the material RT.

Authorities in the Kurdish district of Afrin in the province of Aleppo in northern Syria called on Damascus to protect the area from the offensive by Turkish troops. This is stated in a statement published on the official site of the district administration.

“While we confirm that we will continue to defend the Afrin area from external attacks and we will repulse attempts to establish a Turkish occupation in Afrin, we urge the Syrian state to fulfill its sovereign responsibilities with respect to Afrin and protect its borders with Turkey from the attacks of the Turkish invader,” reads the statement. in the message of the self-proclaimed Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

It is noted that the offensive of Turkey threatens the territorial integrity of Syria.

Recall that in 2016, the authorities announced the creation of a self-proclaimed Kurdish federal formation in Syria – the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria. In December 2017 elections to local councils were held.

Meanwhile, Turkish media reported that Kurdish armed groups from Syrian Afrin struck rockets on the Turkish city of Reyhanli.

Two missiles allegedly exploded near the police station. It is reported that as a result of the shelling, only a parked car was injured, there were no victims.

Over the past day Afrin was left by more than 700 people. This was stated at a briefing by the representative of the Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties in Syria (CPAP), Major-General Yury Yevtushenko.

“During the day, the Russian-Iranian-Turkish joint coordination center recorded violations of the regime in the provinces of Idlib, Dera, Aleppo, Latakia and the suburb of Damascus-East Ghouta. Servicemen of the Russian military police, who serve on observation posts in the decontamination zone of Tell-Rifat, continue to register the flow of refugees leaving the Afrin region. Over the past 24 hours, more than 700 people left the combat area,” – he said.

Recall, on January 20, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Turkey announced the launch of the military operation “Olive Branch”. The purpose of the operation was to clean up the Afrin district of the Syrian province of Aleppo from the units of the Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) and the associated Democratic Union (PYD) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). All these groups are considered by the Turkish side to be terrorist.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia said that the situation was aggravated by the actions of the United States, which uncheckedly supplied arms to groups in the north of Syria.

“The Pentagon’s uncontrolled supply of modern weapons to pro-American forces in northern Syria (including, according to available data, MANPADS) contributed to the rapid escalation of tensions in the region and led to a special operation by Turkish troops. Such irresponsible actions by the American side in Syria lead to the disruption of the peace process and hinder the inter-Syrian negotiations in the Geneva format, of which the Kurds must be full participants, “the defense department noted.

Meanwhile, in the US-led coalition, they are assured that they did not provide military assistance or other support to Kurdish forces in Syrian Afrin.

“The Kurdish forces in Afrin did not get help from the US, they were not prepared by US advisers in the campaign against ISIS, which is being conducted in other areas of Syria,” a coalition spokesman said.

Also on this topic.

On January 25, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in the bordering Syria with the province of Hatay, where he visited the headquarters of the operation “Olive Branch” and personally conducted an inspection of the units of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Referring to the military from the operation’s headquarters, Erdogan said that the fighting will continue until the goals have been achieved.

“Turkey does not act with territorial claims to any state of the world. Afrin will be returned to the true owners of this land,” – the Turkish leader stressed.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Thursday, January 25 that more than 300 militants were neutralized during the fighting.

The Turkish side also suffered losses both among the military and among civilians. As a result of the shelling of the Kurds, four people were killed, about 70 residents of border regions of Turkey bordering Syria were injured.

The head of the Turkish government also expressed regret over the policy pursued in the region by the United States.

“Washington does not allow itself to cooperate with terrorist organizations to achieve its goals in the region … It is truly puzzling that a country that for many years, like Turkey, is a member of NATO, indirectly or openly supports armed groups threatening the borders of the alliance. Such an approach is unacceptable,” – Yildirim stressed.