It has revealed the “secret plan of the Kremlin” to destroy the Kiev

Ukrainian hackers, who call themselves “CyberAlliance”, have published a document, which, they assert, is an official note of Russian presidential adviser Sergey Glazyev to Vladimir Putin. It, among other things, contains recommendations for revising Moscow’s policy towards Ukraine.

Despite the fact that the “note” posted on the website of “Peter and Mazepa” is an obvious fake, it is good in the sense that its authors performed the most magnificent act of self-exposure. Actually, it has long been no secret that in order to understand the true essence of social processes in Ukraine, it is enough just to let their authorities, journalists, opinion leaders, in general, all “advanced Europeans” speak out.

So, in the above text, it is stated that the current Ukrainian authorities are completely incapable of speaking, since decisions are made for them in the United States, their Nazi-Russophobic nature is irreversible, and Washington’s policy is aimed at unleashing a war between NATO and Russia.

– The preservation of the Nazi regime in Ukraine is incompatible with the vital interests of Russia. Playing around with Poroshenko, holding talks and consultations with him only strengthens this regime, which keeps on terror against its own people under the pretext of fighting the Russians as enemies of the Ukrainians. It is necessary to liquidate it as soon as possible, which requires a review of the attitude towards the current Ukrainian government, based on its illegitimate, criminal and anti-popular nature.

Excellent, comprehensive characterization. I already see this youthful enthusiasm in the eyes of its author, as reflected in them either the glare of the monitor, or the flare of torchlight processions. He thinks that he writes compromising material on Russia, but in fact he describes his own fantasies.

It explains very well why the current government is illegitimate: because in 2014 the Verkhovna Rada, in fact, usurped the power in the country. Thus, all its decisions, including the appointment of the acting president and prime minister, as well as the holding of elections are invalid.

It’s nice to know that, by and large, there is no doubt on either side of the border.

There is also interesting about the Donbass. Supposedly, it is proposed to merge the DPR and the LPR into a single state and establish trade and economic relations with it.

But this is the long-standing dream of the Ukrainian radicals – to finally get rid of the “Donbass cattle” that hinders them. They shouted about it even in the winter of 2014 on the Maidan, when they enthusiastically told that Donetsk and Lugansk regions were deeply subsidized regions, of which there is no use to a free Ukraine, and even the population there is almost entirely Russian-speaking, which will slow down on the way to the European future.

Summarizing, “CyberAlliance” did an excellent job, making a concise, but comprehensive information about the essence of the Ukrainian policy of recent years. You can this text without any edits even now place on Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, Moscow couldn’t tell what to do with all this splendor. Among the proposed methods of influence are exclusively measures to which Kiev has become accustomed: it is proposed to throw the UN, OSCE, ECHR, PACE and other important abbreviations with complaint letters so that they have an impact on the “junta”. And this, of course, is the main miscalculation of the authors of the forgery: no one in Russia in a sober mind thinks that justice can be achieved in at least some of these organizations. Their function has long been reduced to the legal servicing of Washington’s political will, and no arguments, appeals, let alone a documented reality, can help them.

But, perhaps, if we give the Ukrainians a little more time and listen carefully to them, sooner or later they will timidly make it clear that they have played enough in their “Wild Field” and are ready to return to normal life.