Congressmen who returned from the cold

they visited Russia and were branded at home with shame.

Representatives of the US Congress from the Republican Party who made a visit to Russia, “trying to achieve a thaw in relations between the countries,” instead received a “cold house”.

As noted in the material, Democrats and Kremlinologists criticized the members of the delegation, including for the fact that they “held Independence Day in a country that interfered in the presidential elections in the US and continues to deny it.” For example, the “information warfare expert” from the American Institute for Foreign Policy Studies and frequent visitor to the Russian “proliferation of influence” sessions of the Congress, Clint Watts wrote in his Twitter microblogging: “It is hard to believe that the Republican Party, which was once powerful resisted the USSR and only ten years ago sought to democratize the Middle East, now this is so silly surrendered to Putin and the Kremlin kleptocracy – and only two years after Russia intervened in America nskie elections. ”

“The Russians are all trying to achieve our location, singing their old song – and it sounds disgusting, as if a nail is being scratched on the school board,” Richard D. Blumenthal, a Democratic democrat from Connecticut, wrote on his Twitter. “They are enemies and enemies only, and they attack us.”

As recalls Karun Demirchyan, a delegation of eight congressmen, led by Republican Senator from Alabama Richard Shelby, visited St. Petersburg and Moscow during her visit. In addition to Shelby, the delegation included Senators Steve Danes (Montana), John Howen (North Dakota), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), John Kennedy (Louisiana), Jerry Morgan (Kansas), John Tune (South Dakota), as well as a member of the House of Representatives Kay Granger (Texas). The congressmen held meetings with the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry and a number of parliamentarians, but they did not manage to organize the talks they most hoped for – with Vladimir Putin, whom US President Donald Trump will meet this month, the author of the article notes.


As stressed by the journalist, serving in Russia at the end of last week, members of the delegation of the Republicans promised to “not stand on ceremony” with Russian officials, especially on issues related to “interference” in the elections. Nevertheless, once on the spot, the congressmen “immediately took a conciliatory tone,” explaining to Russians that the purpose of their visit was not to “blame Russia for this or that,” but “to improve relations”. “In Moscow, it worked, but at home – it’s gone,” Demirchyan writes.

“Politicians celebrate Independence Day in different ways. Someone in the parade is involved. Someone goes to the barbecue or looks at the salute. And someone has to travel far away to meet with their most important voters, “Richard Payter, a former George W. Bush lawyer who was currently running for election to the Senate for the Democratic Party, sneered at Twitter about the trip.

According to the WP, especially critical of those members of the delegation who published on their pages in social networks congratulations on Independence Day, while being in Moscow. At the same time, some authors of critical comments emphasized that while the Republicans communicated with Kremlin officials, it turned out that in the UK, two people were poisoned with the same nerve agent as the former Russian agent and his daughter in March; others noted that during the visit, the Senate Intelligence Committee published a report in which it came to the conclusion that Russia did interfere in the elections of 2016, clearly speaking on the side of Trump, the article says. It is interesting that only one member of the delegation – Mr. Kennedy – participates in one of the numerous congressional commissions created to investigate the “Russian cause,” Karun Demirchyan underlines.

However, Senator Steve Daines said on Thursday in an interview with the American media that the trip was “productive”, and he and his Republican colleagues managed to “give the Russian government a very clear signal” that Moscow needs to stop interfering in elections and attempts on the sovereignty of Ukraine, to cooperate with the United States for the settlement of the Syrian conflict and to comply with its obligations under the treaties on nuclear weapons.