Computer virus Petya spread to Europe

Computer virus-extortionist Petya attacked computers in Estonia and Poland.
In Estonia, all 11 construction stores of the Ehituse ABC network owned by the French concern Saint-Gobain are closed, said Anton Kutser, member of the board of the company.
“Now we are solving the problem, we have localized computer systems for data protection, as soon as the problem is solved, we will notify the customers about it.” Now all Ehituse ABC stores are closed, “Kutzer quotes the Estonian portal Delfi.
In Poland, the problem has affected the logistics industry companies. Small firms and service-shopping centers were attacked. The message of the portal noted that “no one should therefore feel secure.” The information about the attacks was confirmed by Yakub Syta, the director of the security services office of Exatel. According to him, the scale of the incident is unclear. The country’s premier Beata Shidlo convenes on Wednesday a crisis headquarters in connection with cyberattacks.
As noted by Kaspersky Lab, more than two thousand users were affected by the new virus. Cases of infection have also been observed in Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States and some other countries.
In Russia, serious disruptions after cyber attacks have not been fixed, said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “The protection systems are working efficiently both at the state level and at the corporate level.” The President’s Internet resource works steadily, “he said.
Microsoft is investigating because of the spread of the new virus, the support team worldwide is ready to promptly help the affected users, told to RIA Novosti, company spokeswoman in Russia, Christina Davydova.

The global attack of the extortion virus on Tuesday hit the IT systems of companies in several countries of the world, to a greater extent affecting Ukraine. The computers of oil, energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, as well as state bodies were attacked.
The virus blocks computers and requires 300 dollars in bitcoins, RIA Novosti reported to the company Group-IB. The attack began at about 11:00. The method of distribution on the local network is similar to the WannaCry virus. According to media reports, at 18:00 the bitcoin-wallet, which was indicated for transferring funds to extortionists, received nine transfers, taking into account the commission for transfers, the victims sent approximately 2.7 thousand dollars to hackers.
According to the anti-virus company ESET, the attack began with Ukraine, which suffered more than other countries. According to the rating for countries affected by the virus, second place after Ukraine – Italy, and the third – Israel. The top ten also included Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Czech Republic and Germany. Russia in this list is only 14th.