CIA to eliminate General Soleimani

America gave a “green light” to the removal of the most dangerous general of the Middle East

Judging by the latest news from Tehran, neither Syrian nor Ukrainian scenarios of today’s Persia are threatening. The authorities quickly stop the protests that suddenly flared up in many cities of Iran at the end of 2017, calling them pro-American.

The fact that behind the demonstrations of protest and even pogroms in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) are in particular the United States and their active and coordinated support of Washington for the local opposition. The White House has already stated that in the very near future it will allocate $ 1 billion to the Iranian “fighters for freedom”, and will also impose sanctions against the leadership of this country.

At the same time, experts agree that under current conditions, contrary to Washington’s hopes, the rule of law in the Islaimc Republic of Iran will soon be restored in full. “The situation could not be shaken. If the administration of the United States was delighted with this (protests), it is too early, “said political scientist and orientalist Karen Gevorgyan.

Against this background, an article in the Kuwait Al-Jarida newspaper that America gave the “green light” to Israel for the organization of the murder of Qasem Soleimani, the legendary general who heads the special forces of Al-Quds in the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps ) and subordinate directly to Iranian President Ali Khamenei.

It’s no secret that Qasem coordinates military activities between the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and Hamas. He is called the most powerful security official in his country and even one of the saviors of the Syrian leader Bashar Assad. Let us also note that this person is a national hero in Iran, even patriotic movies are filmed about him.

So, Kuwait al-Jarida published an article about the fact that tehy got a secret report in their hands, which says that America has finally given «good» to Israel for the political assassination of Soleimani. “At last” means that three years ago, under the direct instruction of then-US President Barack Obama, the CIA, through its channels, warned the Israeli intelligence service Mossad about the impossibility of a special operation to destroy the commander of Al-Quds, who was considered a key figure in providing the so-called nuclear deal severely criticized by Israel.

Now, under President Donald Trump, on this issue the contradictions between Washington and Tel Aviv have been overcome in full, Kuwait al-Jarida reports. Moreover, in the joint American-Israeli report, which allegedly fell into the hands of Kuwaiti journalists, it is said: “The murder of Soleimani will serve the interests of both countries.”

Meanwhile, the consequences of this step, if it is successful, are easily calculated. First, the general Shiite front in the Middle East will be weakened, which is very dangerous for the government of Bashar Assad. Although they say that irreplaceable people do not exist, Soleimani is indeed an intelligent, authoritative and charismatic head of the intelligence service friendly to Damascus. The second one will be very difficult to find.

Secondly, the positions of pro-American movements inside Iran will strengthen. The death of the general, without any doubt, will give odds and the time for the opposition to advance its agenda.

Thirdly, the spiral of violence that has been spiraling in recent days inside Iranian society can ultimately undermine the ability of an Islamic state to control law and order on its own territory. There will be dangerous chaos in Iran. What, in fact, the United States and Israel are seeking for.

It is clear that in this case, Kuwait, which maintains close economic ties with Iran, will also find itself in a difficult situation. It should be noted that the newspaper Kuwait al-Jarida writes that the source of its information is a high-ranking Israeli official who does not agree with the policy of his Cabinet. And in fact – in the Jewish establishment there are people who welcomed the nuclear deal and who believe that it would be more correct to agree with Tehran.

You can, of course, call this a newspaper ploy, but in 2015 in Israel there was a scandal connected with disputes inside the government just around this topic. Then Kuwait al-Jarida also published information about the meeting of Israeli ministers. So detailed that only one of the participants in the meeting could actually share them.

Interestingly: the Israeli media immediately picked up the news about the “green light” for the start of the operation to physically eliminate Soleimani. While official Tel Aviv and the White House chose not to react at all to the publication of Kuwait Al-Jarida. It seems that the CIA and the Mossad were not against the leakage of information.

In connection with the publication of Kuwait al-Jarida about a possible attempt on Soleimani, the removal in 2008 of Imad Mughni, the head of the special services of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah is often recalled. Then, too, the Western media in advance disseminated information about the planned operation against Mughnia. As if someone specifically announced a political assassination.

Immediately after the death of Mughniya, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, il: “Israel rejects the attempts of terrorist groups to attribute to it any involvement in this incident. We have nothing more to add. ” And Sean McCormack, an official spokesman for the US State Department, put it less vaguely: “The world has become better without this man. He was a cold-blooded killer, a terrorist responsible for innumerable innocent deaths.”

A few later details of the attempt were revealed. Like, the directional charge was activated by the image recognition system. In short: beforehand, after hiding such devices in the places where a victim is likely to appear, it remains only to wait until it is near. Then everything happens automatically. In other words, if the previously announced “Mossad” and the CIA political assassination will be brought to the logical end, and with the help of innovative special means, then America will have a new mechanism of pressure on unwanted political leaders of foreign countries. Certainly, in any case, Tel -Aviv traditionally will deny its participation in the operation. Like, this is internal disassembly in the Arab world. And Washington, through the spokesman of the official representative of the State Department, will say something like: “Suleimani deserved presicely that.”

However, the message will be clear to all. Both opponents and allies. It should be noted that the Charter of the United Nations explicitly prohibits the threat of force or its use by one state against another. Including – and against foreign citizens. Banned foreign mercenaries promise new revelations about the orders in the Supreme Command, there are two exceptions. The first is when the consent of the “accepted” state is given. And the second – when it comes to self-defense or imminent danger. Even if the authorities of the country are against or can not give consent because of special circumstances. Undoubtedly, in the same article of the UN it is said about the legality of the “target strike” in accordance with international humanitarian law, including proportionality and military necessity. At the same time, “actions regarding threats to peace, violations of peace and acts of aggression” are considered under Chapter VII (articles 39-50). Where in black and white it is written that the threat or aggression should be explicit and generally accepted. In other words, such a practice of eliminating unwanted foreign persons raises complex questions about the legal basis for its application. This is exactly the case when there is appropriate Russian proverb “: every law has a loophole; one law for the rich, one for the poor. “Consequently, any head of state can be targeted by the CIA if it is deemed necessary by the United States. Moreover – only on the sole ground that this person, as they are considered overseas, is hypothetically dangerous for America. Then the question: if Americans loudly and publicly called the Kremlin “enemy number one” for the United States, should Russians conside it a threat to our president? Vladimir Putin is certainly much more powerful than General Soleimani. Alexander III, if he lived today, would probably say: “Russia has only three loyal allies: the army, the fleet and the FSB.”