China will become a “nightmare for the United States” in Syria?

they already have Russia

Participation of China in the antiterrorist operation in Syria would be a “nightmare scenario” for the US, the Austrian media writes. This opinion was broadcast on the radio Sputnik radio analyst Igor Shatrov.

China’s participation in the antiterrorist operation in Syria would be a “nightmare scenario” for the United States, the Austrian edition of Contra Magazin writes.

The author of the article refers to the Chinese ambassador to Damascus Qi Qianjin, who earlier announced Beijing’s intention to provide more assistance to the Syrian people and government.

The Chinese authorities announced their readiness to help the Syrian government forces establish final control over the territories that belonged to the terrorists in the Arab Republic. As the Chinese Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin said, the armed forces of China intend to support “the Syrian army, which is fighting terrorists in Idlib and other areas of Syria.” Recall, it is in the province of Idlib that militants, including the “Islamic state” continue to keep a number of settlements. According to the Chinese diplomat, first of all, the PRC is interested in “destroying the Muslim fighters who came from China and acting in Idlib”, because “in recent years, Islamist militants from the province of Xinjiang drove into the territory of Syria by thousands.”

The publication notes that at the moment in the Syrian province of Idlib, including jihadists who come from China, who are linked to Al-Qaeda, “supported by the United States and countries Persian Gulf. “The article also says that Beijing is interested in” exterminating thousands of Uighur terrorists who left China for Syria in recent years. ”

As the newspaper writes, if in addition to Russia and Iran in the region will be active and China, then soon the Syrian government will establish full control over the territory of his country, but for Washington and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf it would be a nightmarish development of events.

Political scientist, deputy director of the National Institute for the Development of Contemporary Ideology Igor Shatrov on Sputnik radio commented on the article in the Austrian edition.

“China’s participation in the antiterrorist operation in Syria is not needed at the moment, the military-political situation is such that terrorists are almost completely destroyed in the greater territory of the country, at least where the Russian military security services provided assistance to the Syrian government army. the participation of China (in the antiterrorist operation in Syria – Ed.), perhaps, would be a nightmare for the United States, but I think it was no less a nightmare for him to participate in the operation of the Russian Federation

He is sure that the words of the Chinese ambassador in Syria were misinterpreted.

“In fact, I think the Chinese ambassador said that China will continue

continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria, which he provided in recent years, and the Ambassador’s words were misinterpreted. For such an interpretation, the Western media and politicians have grounds: the political and military weight of China is growing. But the Chinese influence is manifested in a different sphere – economic. I believe that China will actively participate in the post-war reconstruction of Syria, together with the Russian Federation and other countries interested in the peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict. And on this site, China will seriously compete with the West, which, according to all sensations, will not be allowed to serious projects in the post-war reconstruction of Syria, “- suggested Igor Shatrov.