China and Russia: back to back against the US

Moscow believes that Europe can join this alliance Part 1.

Deputy Minister of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China Fu Ziying said that China and Russia, combining their efforts, will be able to overcome the negative consequences of sanctions pressure and trade wars unleashed by the United States. “China and Russia have created an excellent framework for successful partnership with each other in all areas, including – through numerous important cooperation mechanisms,” – he said.

Recall: the US, within the framework of the law “On Countering America’s Enemies through Sanctions” (CAATSA) a week ago imposed sanctions against the staff of the Department of Training and Supply of the Central Military Commission of China, as well as its head Li Shanfu. Restrictive measures were born because of the purchase by China of Russian Su-35 airplanes and anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

According to the Chinese side, such actions grossly violate the basic principles of international relations. In Beijing, the US was advised to change the behavior, because if they “do not correct the committed error,” the US side will have to “feel all the possible consequences of what was done,” the RT Defense Ministry’s statement quotes the RT. And since last Monday, all the goods imported from China into the United States are subject to 10% customs duty, which from January 1, 2019 should grow to 25%.

Moreover, according to Axios portal, in the near future the US plans to launch against China a major campaign with the participation of President Trump and the main ministries. China can be accused of cyberattacks, interference in elections, industrial espionage (theft of intellectual property).

China has already protested in connection with the sanctions, canceled the visit of the head of the Chinese Navy to the United States, did not allow the American landing ship to enter the port of Hong Kong. And besides – refused the planned trade consultations with American partners.

But in relations with Russia, Beijing has a tangible progress. According to Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, Russia and China reached a qualitative breakthrough in the growth of trade turnover: according to the results of 2017, it grew by 31.5%. In addition, more than 40 investment projects with a total investment volume of $ 3 billion are currently being implemented in the Russian Far East with China’s participation.

China also agreed to become a partner of the International Aviation and Space Salon in Zhukovsky in 2019. And the Minister of Industry and Information of the People’s Republic of China, Miao Wei, in turn, reported on the agreement on all important issues regarding a joint project for the construction of a heavy helicopter.

Prospects for cooperation between Russia and China were discussed by experts during a press conference in Moscow. Head of the Sector of Economics and Politics of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of China. Sergey Lokonin believes that while Russia and China have not begun to actively cooperate, the relevant mechanisms are being developed.


– This process is at the very beginning. So far there is no understanding of how the model of cooperation will be built. There are general statements. It is clear that China has now become more committed to the Russian Federation. Russia is also interested in cooperation with China. But we still have to work out new mechanisms for circumventing sanctions and expanding cooperation, “he said.

The expert is sure that both countries are interested in expanding trade and economic cooperation in this direction. In particular, under the current conditions, China will be interested in high technologies that Russia can provide. There are prospects for cooperation in the field of software, the development of artificial intelligence, the nuclear industry, aircraft construction.

Lukonin does not exclude the danger of “tactical” use of Russia by China in its confrontation with the United States. However, he believes that the level of trust between the leaders of the Russian Federation and the PRC is quite high. And this allows you to solve all the problems.

“Moreover, the latest signals that China sends not only to Russia, but to the whole world, indicate that they have become more responsible for respecting intellectual property rights, for interacting with other companies about the transfer of technology. According to statistics for 2017, China took the 3rd or 4th place in the world in terms of payments for the use of foreign know-how,” he said.

The scientist drew attention to the complication of the economic order of the two countries. But he proposed not to compare the Chinese and Russian economies – they have completely different scales and different degrees of diversification.

He believes that Russia and China can be useful to each other in different spheres. At this point, this is something new, the joint conduct of fundamental scientific research, and the provision of China with agricultural products. “Theoretically, our exporters now have an opportunity to occupy niches, of which China produces American products: soybeans, meat. After all, in Beijing, people perceive products from the Russian Federation as environmentally friendly. According to different estimates, including Chinese experts, in China, almost half of the territory is not suitable for growing “clean” agricultural products, “he explained. The head of the Center for Political Economy Studies of the Institute of the New Society Vasily Koltashov noted that Russia primarily supplies energy resources to China, in large quantities – raw materials, and the supply of food products is growing. Moreover, such interesting food, as, for example, ice cream, which in China is very much loved. China also delivers to Russia products that we could produce ourselves: children’s toys, clothes, in large volumes – fabrics. And, of course, high-tech products. In particular – computers and other electronics. Koltashov recalled that in 2013-14 there was a failure in the trade turnover of our countries. But now Moscow and Beijing are again approaching the level of mutual trade turnover of 100 billion dollars. “If there is not a new phase of the global crisis in the near future, and oil prices will not” be asked “, which is quite probable, then probably Russia and China will come to the good trade, – believes Koltashov. At the same time, he added that China buys a large number of Russian forests. But such a massive felling in our country raises many questions. However, in his opinion, it is more important that since the beginning of the “sanction war” the Russian leadership is in dire need of allies.