China and Russia: back to back against the US

Moscow believes that Europe can join this alliance Part 2.

See Part 1 for the beginning.

It is most important that since the beginning of the “sanction war” the Russian leadership is in dire need of allies.


“Now China is simply compelled by Donald Trump to take Russia into allies. Therefore, if we are talking about the construction of Russian-Chinese relations, they are more constructed in Washington. Moreover, it is not very intellectual, rather – from the US’s own problems, “the expert said. In his opinion, Washington realized that the US was in a weak position, the American economy is weaker than the Chinese, and it is to this that Trump resorts to a policy of protectionism, which is considered a weapon “China is in favor of the principle of so-called” free trade.

“And in this, the expert believes, there are serious contradictions: a number of industries in Russia have long been eliminated, but can be recreated. production will be restored – there will be no need to buy such products in China. “In other words, there is a definite political link, the growth of trade turnover, but in the structure of this commodity turnover, there will probably be major changes,” he believes. According to Koltashov, the Russian import substitution project can not rejoice China: Since, despite the growth of mutual trade, China can use its advantages only if other countries renounce protectionism .- If the Americans refused to Tramp policy, then for China this would be an ideal scenario. And no, of course, now there is not a serious political dialogue between Russia and China. But, on the one hand, Americans can not go on this. On the other hand, China is trying to achieve that, nevertheless, the world remains a world of free trade, “he explained. However, he believes that Russia’s” free trade “is not profitable. Because Russia is still a weak player, like some other Eurasian countries. The politician Alexander Asafov believes that US policy, including, with the sanctioning pressure, dictates new conditions to the world and encourages the creation of new alliances: US sanctions against China to see, these sanctions are not introduced for any new transactions. Not for new economic or trade relations. Sanctions have been introduced for transactions that have been concluded for a long time. And most of the money for them has passed. The expert believes that for Americans in a situation of protectionism, turning into isolationism, sanctions are not a demonstration of political will or their understanding of international justice. It is an instrument of unfair competition in terms of supplies of liquefied gas and protection of its arms sales positions. “In fact, the package of sanctions imposed on China means that Americans are likely to introduce similar measures against all those who buy Russian weapons. And this is about 70 countries. For the United States it is especially unpleasant that among them are the countries of Latin America. We are not talking about the Middle East any more, “the political scientist stated. Obviously, the Americans are ready to move further from the position of pressure” by the right of the strong. “And this will not end in the foreseeable future. In this situation, but new alliances are possible .- We see the degradation of the relationship between European powers and Americans.

a possible union of Russia and China is not excluded the connection and “old Europe”. First of all, Germany and France, “he suggested, because the American companies are kicked out of Iran by European companies today, and the initiative to create a tool to protect European and other companies for working with Iran caused direct criticism (US Secretary of State — Ed.) of Michael Pompeo. Asafov is sure that for Russia, China and Europe, the need to create new alliances to counter American pressure is becoming increasingly evident.