“Caliber” missiles are preparing to avenge the United States for the loss of “Wagner”

U.S. Army positions in Syria are occupied by thousands of mercenaries from the PMC “Academi”, and Russians can get even with them for the death of Russian «Wagner» private military mercenaries.

One might get the impression that after the December statement by President Donald Trump about the beginning of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, the war in this country began to slowly subside. In any case, the intensity of the news feeds on this topic in Russia and in the rest of the world is decreasing.

Meanwhile, in fact, in Syria, to date, little has been decided. It seems that the war in this country is simply acquiring a new quality and becoming in something even more dangerous than before.

The most alarming for Russia: our assault aircraft from Khmeimim airbase again forcedly and intensively earned (in recent months, Russian pilots made mainly a couple of reconnaissance missions per day from there). Western media reports on this subject were recently confirmed by militants from the Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham terrorist group (formed in February 2017 on the basis of the notorious Dzhebkhat al-Nusra). The bandits said that Russian aircraft bombed their positions in the area of ​​the towns of Dareth Izza and Sheikh Suleiman in the west of Aleppo province. On the Internet published and video from the scene.

A permanent operational connection of the Russian Navy, based on the base in Tartus, announced that practical rocket firing would be conducted in January in the eastern Mediterranean. In advance, international channels sent a corresponding warning to seafarers about closing large areas of the sea not far from the coast of Syria during the periods of January 9–10, January 16–17, January 23–24 and January 30–31.

According to the experience of previous years, this has always been the case when our group in Syria intended to use high-precision Caliber cruise missiles. Of the carriers of the famous weapons in the area of ​​the operation, we now have the Black Sea frigate “Admiral Makarov” and diesel-electric submarines B-271 “Kolpino” and B-268 “Veliky Novgorod”. The total salvo of these ships is potentially up to 16 “Caliber”. But for whom they may have to shoot? And in general – what exactly is happening now in Syria? Let’s try to figure it out.

Yes, most of the country’s territory after a decisive intervention in the conflict of Russia returned under the control of Damascus and the position of President Bashar al-Assad now looks very stable. But the fighting in the north of Syria is not only not stop. On the contrary – their hardening is growing. Islamic terrorists, whose defeat (moreover, mainly the US-led international coalition), Trump announced a month ago, in the first days of 2019 launched a decisive offensive, and rapidly returning more and more territories to themselves. According to some reports, up to 70 percent of the Syrian province of Idlib is already in their hands.

Fights are going on in other places. Manbidge, a city dominated by Kurds in the province of Aleppo, has become a new center of confrontation. The strategic importance of Manbij, with a population of approximately 30,000, is due to its spread at heights advantageous for defense near the road from Turkey to the Euphrates River.

So far, Manbij is under the control of the Americans, the French, and the Kurdish units they support from the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDS). But from three sides the city has long been captured by the troops of the Assad Republican Guard, as well as the 1st and 4th divisions of the Syrian Arab Army. Soldiers do not enter the streets of Manbij. Obviously, the Americans are given the opportunity, in accordance with the Trump plan, to get out of the way without any casualties.

Although the completely bloodless withdrawal of US units from Manbij has failed. On Wednesday, unknown terrorists blew up a city restaurant, near which there were 15 soldiers of the United States Army. Two dozen local residents and five (according to other sources – four) Yankees died. US Vice President Michael Pence has already suggested that the criminals thus tried to influence the withdrawal of American troops from Syria. Logically, if not to turn it into a stampede, then significantly accelerate.

But the main question is not in terms. The main thing – is it really the uninvited guests from overseas forever leave Syria torn apart with their active participation? From the very beginning, Trump’s sincerity on this matter was in great doubt.

Did you notice the very remarkable official statement of the White House, which followed the very “historic” speech of Trump? In Washington, it was then said: “We began to return troops to our homeland, moving on to the next stage of this campaign.” About what exactly is meant by the next stage – not a word.

But I think you can guess something by comparing this vague statement with other facts. Namely: a little earlier it became known that the allied US Saudi Arabia will allocate $ 100 million “to maintain stability in Syria.” To make everything even more wonderful in this country, the United Arab Emirates and France will add $ 50 million. The amount of Washington’s financial contribution to the overall predatory business is still unknown, but there is no doubt that it is also quite large.

Where will this serious money go? Well, not to restore the rest of Syria remaining in the hands of Assad! Surely – at the very “new stage of the campaign,” about which, without being confused, says the White House.

Experts all over the world from December 19, Trump’s speech, predicted that by removing their military contingents from Syria, the Americans would try to give a new breath to the guerrilla war in it. In other words – if it did not happen in open battles to break Damascus – to raise the terrorist activity of his opponents. For this, Washington will attract US-controlled armed forces. The same Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces. And yet – will resort to nowhere and never advertised services of their own private military companies (PMCs).

And the other day it became clear that, at a minimum, forecasts about the activation of American PMCs in the north of Syria are coming true.

On January 15, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) (Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center) reported that a large American convoy with building materials and military equipment had proceeded from Iraq to Syria the day before. The column consists of up to 100 trucks with armored vehicles, tractors and concrete blocks for fencing the entrances to military installations.

Trump plans the upcoming full withdrawal of troops. But everything falls into place, if we assume that in fact the United States does not go anywhere from here. And the place of the military contingent is secretly occupied by mercenaries. With virtually no risk of being mistaken, it can be argued that the largest state-owned PMC “Academi”, the former “Black Water”, is seriously entering Syria these days. According to open sources, it was successful in marking both in Iraq and in Afghanistan. And even-in the Donbass. Its “soldiers of fortune” are not only actively fighting, but also earn security activities around the world. So, in 2013, the US State Department signed a contract for $ 92 million with Academi, a subsidiary of International Development Solutions, to protect US diplomatic missions in many countries.

The head and founder of “Academi” (“Black Water”), Eric Prince, himself a former “Navy Seal” of the US Navy Special Operations Force, has long since at least since 2014 been eagerly urging Washington to give Syria to him to be torn apart. Indeed, why pay millions of dollars to foreigners if you can own?

The headquarters of the former “Black Water” in North Carolina. In essence, this is a fairly powerful private army. The number is unknown, but during the active part of the war in Iraq, at the request of the Pentagon, Black Water exhibited at least 10,000 of its highly trained and first-class armed mercenaries.

Thus, it may very well be that our military will soon have to face the battleship of Eric Prince on the battlefield in Syria. And what is curious: it will definitely be a war without rules. Because no state recognizes responsibility for its mercenaries anywhere and never. To live or die is a private matter of the “soldier of fortune.” Than there are many good PMCs everywhere.

But then for Moscow it would be very tempting and logical to try to pay off the Americans in a tragic incident in the same country with the fighters of the Russian PMC Wagner without any special diplomatic complications in Syria.

Let me remind you: according to press reports, the militarized organization is headed by reserve lieutenant colonel Dmitry Utkin, who until 2013 was the commander of the 700th separate special forces detachment of the 2nd separate special forces brigade of the General Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. According to the same sources, the soldiers of the PMC “Wagner” are fighting in Syria on the side of Assad from October 2015.

On February 7, 2018, several divisions of the Russian company on the march near the town of Hasham in the province of Deir ez-Zor came under the sudden attack of American aviation and artillery. According to many foreign media reports, “wagnerites” lost between 11 and 200 people that day, according to various estimates.

The Ukrainian side is preparing to blow up the floodgates of the reservoir and launch an offensive on the front.

Since it was not about the servicemen, Moscow, of course, got off with the most vague statements, in fact, did not recognize anything and did not call anyone to account. Although the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the strike on a certain column mainly of Syrian troops “sudden.” A presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, allowed a number of Russian citizens who are not servicemen to be in Syria.

In December 2018, Vladimir Putin himself, regarding the possible participation of Russian mercenaries in Syria, said: “Regarding their presence (“Wagner’s”) somewhere abroad. If, I repeat, they do not violate Russian law, they have the right to work and push their business interests anywhere in the world.”

Anyway, the results of the defeat of the military column near Hasham a year ago did not lead to any diplomatic complications between Moscow and Washington. In any case, in public space.

I wonder how things will turn in the north of Syria, if already there in a week or two our “Calibers” will fall upon the heads of American mercenaries from the “Academi”? What claims in this case can be against Russia? Is America committed to all and every kind of freedom of its citizens? Then, without indignation, she is obliged to take and reports about their exclusively free choice to lay down their heads for dollars in the Syrian desert.

But if that happens, then a war begins in the Middle East without any rules at all.