Bloody 23rd

Donbass bleeds, without “polite people” from Moscow

Kiev, Stepan Bandera Avenue. More recently, this avenue was called Moscow Avenue. Good place, near the old hem, on the Obolon area. On the prospect of respectable mall “Gorodok Gallery”. The steps of the main staircase are decorated with LED-panels. On February evening, a huge Fascist swastika glowed on the stairs of the central entrance for several hours. Everything is as it should be – a red cloth, a white circle and a black cross-spider in the center. Numerous visitors of the Gorodok Gallery perceived the swastika normally.


The December scandal with a photo of Poroshenko and a Ukrainian paratrooper adorned with a chevron of the SS division “Dead Head” was very quickly forgotten. Yes, and whether  this scandal, if the fighting friends of the APU warmly supported sister. For a month already, punitive volunteers have been actively arriving on the eastern front. Ahead is the Right Sector Corps. Officially, pravoseki (right sector members) are considered army formations, in fact, they retain their own units. The hit of the season – the badges of the Wehrmacht field gendarmerie, the famous metal gord-collars of the Feld-Bandars. The ones that were patrolled by the near Hitler rear, shot civilians, partisans and their own deserters.


Ukraine dreams of single-handedly hosting in the internal waters of our two countries

Now steel badges with chains hung the newly appeared Bandera around their necks. It is logical, because from the very beginning of the anti-terrorist operation, the dobrobyats performed exactly the duties of Hitler’s feljandarmerie, right up to executions of unarmed people. And now post your own pictures with comments: Feldgendarmerie! Sehr gut! The only difference in the decor of the modern Ukrainian gorget is that the swastika in the paws of an eagle is covered by the state emblem-trident.


They are Nazis, and they do not hide their own beliefs. Every day the nationalists kill Donbass people. This is not a figurative expression. The tragedy is quite concrete and everyday, and the Russian population of recalcitrant land is bleeding to death. There are too many deaths for the small forces of Donetsk and Lugansk. Russian TV, top Internet portals and other metropolitan media almost every half hour report on events in distant Venezuela. Still, there are oil billions. But no one wonders how many of ours are killed by the Ukrainian Nazis near Gorlovka. Exactly, the Nazis – with the chevrons of the SS and signs Feldgendarmerie.


Only one week from 8 to 14 February in the territory of the DPR, seven soldiers of the republic were killed. Three guys rushed to extinguish a residential building set on fire by a shell. They are quite professionally covered with mortars. Another very young boy tried to pull his friends out from under a barrage of fire, and was also mortally wounded. The APU saw perfectly well what they were doing – the deadly attack was corrected by the drone.


On the eve of the Defender of the Fatherland Day, the donbass defenders suffered heavy losses again. According to the command, three soldiers were killed. Social networks report on four. Words of despair from yesterday’s facebook of Zahar Prilepin. His battalion lies in the Donetsk land: “God sees, all these years I tried not to put pressure on pity. But … a nightmare, what’s going on. Four dead a week and a half ago. Four dead in the morning in battle, which is still going on. There are wounded. The intensity of the shelling and the number of losses in the area that fell to my brothers – as in the most difficult months of this four-year war. Probably worth knowing about it. No longer know what to say. Friends are dying. Today now”.


The advanced Kiev edition gives out material, who and how at the front celebrated on February 23. Ukrainian colonels and majors who served in the Soviet Army raised their glasses. Refused to celebrate the lieutenants who grew up with the Square. However, those and others with the same performance shoot at the Donbass. The publication quotes a volunteer: “At night I went to a neutral, put a banner. This is a separate holiday. ”


February 23 at Donetsk KPVV “Elenovka” blew up a minibus. Ukrainian mine, laid saboteur at the curb. 35-year-old driver died on the spot. 85-year-old passenger died in hospital, her son was seriously injured. “The victims were again civilians – former citizens of the perfidious country, everywhere setting up their deadly traps,” – the head of the DNR Denis Pushilin in the telegram channel condoles.


Yes, no Internet is not enough for such condolences! And Pushilin himself is certainly glad that he survived the current explosions not far from the republican administration and the OSCE Donetsk office. Three bezbokolnye explosive devices, military detonators, rumble heard in many parts of the city. Although half a year has not passed since the murder of the legendary Alexander Zakharchenko.


Kiev invaders concentrated fire on objects of civil infrastructure of Donbass. This is the information of the official representative of the operational command of the DPR, Eduard Basurin. Last week alone, three civilian cars were destroyed, 29 houses and two gas pipeline sections were destroyed. Brigades of repairmen were fired upon change of shifts, so that the victims were more. They talk about the current February escalation, but how else was it in January, October, April? After another shelling in Gorlovka, three thousand families were left without electricity.

– Ukrainian shells hit the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal. There is a large loss of water, – said Ivan Prikhodko, head of the Gorlovka administration. That is, the front-line city again suffers from thirst.


They systematically destroy human life. We can spend too much time on the subject of what happened to the “brotherly people”, how to “lose Ukraine” and why the Minsk agreements do not work. Although they are working, on February 20, another group of snipers from the 10th separate mountain assault brigade arrived at the Lugansk village of Novotoshkovskoye. The location of the brigade is Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Sniper zapadentsy armed with large-caliber American rifles Barrett M107A1. The intensification of sniper groups was noted in the area of ​​the neighboring settlement Zolotoe, in the area of ​​responsibility of the 54th armed brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such facts can not be counted, and this is the deadly daily routine of Donbass.


Meanwhile, the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine is preparing to receive a computer screening program for filtration concentration camps from the United States. The program should determine which of the residents of the territories not controlled by Kiev “collaborated with the separatists”. According to the chief military prosecutor, Anatoly Matios, after a peacekeeping operation, the entire adult population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions will have to be tested. That is, the Nazis are confident that on the shoulders of Western peacekeepers will clean up the Donbass.


Let us quote Pan Matios: “It will take half an hour. The man pressed the sensor button – the server processed the results and, according to certain criteria, shows to the state representatives who will come with the peacekeepers whether the detainee is to be investigated in a full-fledged manner … ”


What kind of fraternity say, if in 2001 the Center for the rehabilitation of veterans of the Bandera army of the OUN-UPA began to work in the Lviv resort Morshin Grandfathers came with their grandchildren. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, a monument with portraits of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych’s Gaupman and Yevgeny Konovalets was erected in front of the Goverla sanatorium. Under the portrait of Konovalets, memorial tablets were installed by the bloodiest commanders, the «saints» Dmytr Klyachkivsky, Stepan Lenkavsky and Yaroslav Stetsko. Local doctors quite seriously claimed that the OUN-UPA memorial charges Morshyn’s mineral water with the energy of nationalism.


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Generation after generation drank some water from Morshyn. By the way, one of the most popular Ukrainian mineralok. Drink up, and today the field commander of the nationalist organization, Sergey Mazur, literally states the following:


– Our directories will be created in the areas of responsibility of NATO in the former territory of the Russian Federation, and the Ukrainians will play the role of police there. Because we are familiar with the mean nature of the Russians and the Russian language.


The handsome guy Mazur – a native of the Kiev suburb Boryspil. An active participant in Euromaidan, the organizer of numerous pogroms and the burning of gypsies on Lysaya Gora in Kiev. It is not a secret that the ultras finance the SBU. Their leader Yevgen Karas President Poroshenko took with him to get Tomos to Istanbul. So they are really preparing for the role of NATO policemen.


This is some kind of nonsense, but wasn’t it a nonsense that was a quarter of a century of Ukrainian reality? The Crimean headquarters of the Svoboda party were located in the center of Simferopol, literally opposite the General Consulate of Russia. Exactly six years ago, the owner of the apartment, Evpatoria’s “Svoboda” deputy, Eduard Leonov, made a presentation of a brochure about the heroes of the SS division “Galichina”. Guys in hoods crowded in the corridor, stuffed their backpacks with freshly printed brochures, smoke bombs and bottles with the Molotov cocktail. Local security forces did not react, until Maidan remained a whole year.


It is clear that now Edward Leonov – “a refugee from the occupied Crimea.” He put on his embroidered shirt, grew a completely moronic forelock and goes on political talk shows.

– Ukraine has fifteen nuclear reactors and in the event of an attack by Russia, they can be blown up, –  said NESONE, a popular Kiev TV channel, a few days ago. The audience applauded, Ukrnet approved.


Hard question, just have to answer it. Can maniacs be brothers? Probably they can, but this is a great sorrow. And a big burden – put an end to the tragic uncertainty.

  • The enterprises of the DNR and the LNR continue to pay taxes and fees to the Ukrainian budget, – Tatiana Slyuzov, head of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, proudly reported.

– The amount is in the billions. According to the state budget and local, if I am not mistaken, about 7−8 billion hryvnia. – The official clarified that the funds received are credited to the accounts of the military-civil administrations of the territories controlled by Kiev. That is, they go straight to war. This alignment does not surprise anyone – after all, Russia is selling tank diesel and nuclear fuel to the Poroshenko regime.


Vasily Melnichenko about how the Russians have waited in vain for Putin to cancel pension reform and other hopes.

On February 23, 2014, thirty thousand Sevastopol residents came to the monument to Nakhimov, at the rally of the people’s will. So began the Crimean spring. The city of Russian glory was ready to stand until the end, but even the people’s mayor, Alexei Chaly, today admits that they could crush and kill the people of Sevastopol: “I learned that Russia had seriously fit into the situation on the night of February 26-27 Four in the morning they called and said good news: “Alexey Mikhailovich, here some hooligans seized the building of the Supreme Council of Crimea and raised the Russian flag over it.”


But today’s words of the chairman of the Public Chamber of Sevastopol, Oleg Makhonin. With a self-defense detachment, he personally blocked the Ukrainian garrison: “Everything that we wanted then happened. We then had no choice. Everything is good: our children live in peace, no one breaks the monuments, does not burn St. George ribbons. Historical justice has happened. ”


But did it really happen to the southeast, where the “polite people” did not wait? Crimean success was an example, but it was a tragedy of New Russia. Dnepropetrovsk was not immediately called the “capital of the Jew banderas”. (Obvious sad joke — since classic Bandera followers were harcsh antisemites, and current are often supported by Igor Kolomoysky). First, many Russian activists were killed there. Buried alive in forest plantations, drowned in the Dnieper marshes. Murders in Kharkov, murders in Zaporozhye, burned Odessa …


Donbass is the only one who stands literally from his last strength. Three days ago, an appeal from the creative intelligentsia of Russia appeared in social networks calling for recognition of the independence of the mining republics. The document was signed by more than a hundred writers, poets, journalists. “How is Donetsk and Lugansk worse than South Ossetia or Crimea?” Donbass is flesh and blood from the blood of our common homeland, – Russian writers are sure.


According to Sergey Lukyanenko, the author of the iconic Dozor (Night Watch) universe, if the Russian Federation at one time recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the time has come to help the suffering people of Donbass: “People are being killed near us. Five years of continuous war is too hard to hold. ” The text of the appeal with the names of the signatories is in the Presidential Administration and the State Duma of the Russian Federation. No answer yet. It would be desirable to think that the holiday of the defenders of the Fatherland has loudly been celebrated.