“Bermuda Triangle”: In Kiev, they plan a new provocation in the Black Sea

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Klimkin, who had recently driven the entire scientific community into historical stupor about Ukraine, the “ancestor” of Russia and Belarus, as well as the savior of Europe, issued another mystical statement, but with geographical implication. He promised to turn the Black Sea into the “Bermuda Triangle” for Russia, assuming, apparently, that there the “cursed Muscovites” should all disappear.


That is, if the crazy people from Vysotsky’s song were going to “drink a triangle for three like vodka,” Klimkin decided to move it alone from the Atlantic to the Black Sea.


When this idea came to the Ukrainian minister, it remains a mystery. But he voiced it in Odessa during a speech at an international conference with the complex name “Odessa Debates. Association of Ukraine, the Black Sea region and transatlantic partners “.


– The Black Sea will never belong to the Russian regime, in fact it will become the Bermuda Triangle for them, – said the head of the foreign ministry of Ukraine.


How this plan will be implemented, he did not explain. But, apparently, taking into account the fact that, according to Ukrainian historiography, the ancient ukry was dug up by the Black Sea, the minister does not see any special problems here.


Supporters of the Ukrainian radicals can be found both in the cities and in the villages of Tavrida

As for the beloved mantra of the ukropatriots that “We will return the Crimea”, here Klimkin was traditional. He said that “we will return it without fail”, but only if we will oppose Russia “in a comprehensive way”.


– There is only a comprehensive answer to Russia. It can not be only in the economic, military or information war. We must do this together, – he called.


The last sentence is particularly remarkable, because it’s just the whole point: Kiev does not intend to play the hero alone and is waiting for its partners to cover it.


According to the director of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations of Sevastopol State University, Ivan Chikhaev, it was precisely the impotence that dictated Klimkin’s statement.


Ukrainian politicians are well aware that they can not oppose the dominance of Russia in the Black Sea, so they begin to turn to mystical analogies, the scientist explained.


Referring to Klimkin’s words that the Black Sea “will never belong to Russia,” Chikhachev stressed that Russia never set itself such goals.


At the same time, he recalled that “Russia has been and remains the leading Black Sea power since at least the 18th century, that is, since the time when Ukraine did not yet exist as a state. Moreover, on the Arab and Italian maps the Black Sea was called Russian in the Middle Ages. ”


Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Crimean region, Andrei Kozenko, in turn, believes that “Ukraine itself has long been turned into a black hole, where everything is lost, and above all common sense. Therefore, they should not talk about the prospects of the Black Sea. ” Moreover, it is, as he put it, already “in some way became the Bermuda Triangle for Ukraine”.


– Ukrainian provocateurs and detained ships disappear all the time here, – the deputy noted.


The head of the News Front news agency, a political analyst Konstantin Knyrik, meanwhile, sees in the words of the Ukrainian minister a very specific task:


– We will be objective. The situation that has developed in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea due to the Ukrainian provocation, in fact, gives Russia certain difficulties and problems. Accordingly, such statements are informational preparations for future provocations.


Ukraine persistently continues to militarize this issue. Persistently shakes the topic. The retired generals there say that the weakness of the Ukrainian navy must be “compensated” by mining the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kerch Strait. But diplomats are threatening to make the Bermuda Triangle.


Moreover, they conducted exercises. Americans are begging for boats. They are begging for some support from the international community in this matter. And, as you know, they get it to one degree or another. Why? Because the international community, the so-called, superfluous reasons for all kinds of sanctions are really needed.


Therefore, Ukraine will continue to continue to escalate the situation around this issue in order to arrange another provocation in the future. Here is the whole logical chain. Here is the whole logical chain. Klimkin in this case plays the role of a broadcasting head, which swings informationally this topic.


– Klimkin has a lot of plans. He told about the construction of naval bases along the entire Black Sea and Azov coasts, about joint patrols with NATO …


– One American general in general proposes a military doctrine called “Trojan Horse” for Ukraine with mad investments only in the development of this program. It is clear that on this background some large military budgets will be written off.


– What should worry us? .. We should be concerned that this problem exists – Ukraine is preparing to escalate the situation, and we will need to react to it. And each time to our reaction, we will receive the reaction of the West in the form of various kinds of sanctions, delusional statements, meetings of the UN Security Council and other, other, other moments …


In general, the final result of all this hysteria of Ukraine should have been the disruption of the construction of Nord Stream-2.


Kiev is preparing for a massive provocation. It is clear that NATO patrols will not walk there. However, an OSCE representative or a group of some Western journalists may well take part in this raid and be on ships.


– But the Russian Foreign Ministry, it seems, has warned that we will not tolerate any provocations. Want to go through the Kerch Strait, follow the procedure, take the pilot and go ahead. Try to make another armed “breakthrough”, get the full program. They are not kamikaze?


– You see, in the actions of the Ukrainian side, and sometimes all sorts of Western figures, I haven’t seen humanism in relation to my people for a long time – soldiers, sailors, etc. If Kiev, like cannon fodder, calmly throws people in Donbas, which prevents them them as cannon fodder on the Kerch Strait. After all, no one thought about those sailors who are now deservedly sitting in a Russian prison …


– The Minister is very concerned about them – naturally, in the context of “Russian aggression” … Calls prisoners of war and calls to “concentrate” on their release …


– If we analyze the November provocation from a military point of view, then we can clearly say that these sailors were not sent to prison to sit, they were sent to certain death. The actions of the crew and the crews that were given to him indicate that it was necessary to provoke Russia into an extremely tough military response, up to and including the destruction of these ships. And Klimkin, and everyone who organized this provocation, these guys were more interesting as corpses. Everyone clearly understood where they were sent, why and for what purpose.


Therefore, the relatives of these guys, who are now sitting in Russia, they should sincerely thank the Russian border guards for their humanism and professionalism. That they saved their lives, having, for all that, the full right to drown these ships.


Washington reserves the blooming garden, and Moscow – poverty and destruction?

– Should the statement Klimkin, in this case, be considered seriously?


– The statement itself can, of course, be taken lightly. But in these statements lie hidden meanings of future provocations for which we need to prepare and be prepared. This is fundamentally important for us.


In general, the situation around Ukraine, and all the threats that Ukraine brings to us, we slightly underestimate.


The West needs a war between Russia and Ukraine. And they do not care about the result. From an ideological point of view, the very fact of this war is important for them – the main thing is that it should happen. Because in general everything that happens in Ukraine is, first of all, an ideological question.


You see, the American warship in Russian Odessa is an ideological question. The F-35 airplanes, which Kiev is now asking the US for – if they appear on Russian soil, somewhere in Kharkiv – this is, first of all, an ideological question. As saboteurs in the Crimea.


That is, the Russian people are fighting among themselves. And the Americans, of course, are interested in provoking this conflict further and further. And this is what they are doing, including in the Black and Azov Sea.