Ban with spiders

Zakhar Prilepin, writer who fights on Donbass, about the losses of his battalion, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the reaction of the “Maidan” guys

I recently made a post about the latest casualties in that battalion, which I once, with a number of comrades, collected, created and supervise to this day.


The post caused a very diverse reaction, I would like to say a few words.

I have long been aware that about 30% of my social network subscribers are Ukrainians. This is about 30 thousand people, so we have a quite representative selection from the point of view of sociology.


The fifth year I watch them, and they follow me.


First, my subscribers from among the Ukrainians are divided almost equally by conviction.


Some – for the eternal, indestructible Maidan and other dances until you drop.


Others – in order to get rid of all these dressed natioanalists and live in peace with Russia, the Donbass, the Crimea.


The first often keep quiet, because they know: for rudeness, I can ban them. And then they will not be able to read the news about the situation in the Donbass, somehow different from their many-voiced propaganda.


The latter are not particularly spread either – simply because for any sympathy expressed to the “terrorist” (me), benevolent neighbors on the social network immediately strike them. But many of them write private messages to me.


And here I gave a brief information about the losses. I made it meaningful.


After two years of work of our battalion, the number of killed and wounded soldiers and officers exceeded thirty people, and today is 1/7 of the total composition of the unit. This, of course, is a lot.


We have worked through all of our operations in the most serious way and are working on them, but, looking back now, we have to admit that some of the losses could have been avoided.


On the other hand, in a different scenario, it was possible to lose people twice, and three times more.


In any case, I almost never wrote or spoke about losses in our division.


I went for the last time only because I saw: the leadership of the DNR army did not quite adequately perceive the situation on that sector of the front where our fighters work.

The situation took a critical turn, and it was necessary to make this clear to decision makers.


After my post, several dozens of Ukrainian media broke out with happy news: separars were killed, like this is a holiday!


They also covered the topic here, but, naturally, in a different intonation.


Three days later I learned that a number of necessary measures to stabilize the situation on that sector of the front had been taken.



Volochkova and Rutberg staged a scandal in the studio NTV

The stars came together in the studio of NTV, to find out why people go on terrible experiments with their appearance. Opinions were divided, as a result, a quarrel broke out in the studio between Anastasia Volochkova and Julia Rutberg.

Well, it worked. I wish that another time without reminders everything was fine.

Regarding the joy of the Ukrainian media, I want to repeat a couple of things that I have told them more than once, but every time they pretend to forget what they have said.


During two years of service in the DPR army, I remember a series of operations, when the losses on that side, according to our fully verified data, were from six to sixty people per day. Never, – I emphasize, – never! – not a single Ukrainian media covered these operations and did not disclose their loss figures.


Yes, and they hardly knew about them. Who will tell them, except me.


But they did not quote me at that time, of course.


For a while, I gave references to front-line Ukrainian volunteers, who, after our work, suddenly reported on a sharp influx of wounded to the hospital. But the volunteers soon shut up.


Ukrainian media behave, I can’t think of another word, infantile. It seems that the journalists, who, I think, have never approached the contact line closer than three kilometers, are seriously sure: only their cyborgs are killed. And the cyborgs themselves – never.


Cyborgs are eternal.


While the losses, alas, in the Ukrainian army are either equal to the militia, or not by much, but higher: at least for the elementary reason that the APU often conducts offensive operations – and always, as everyone knows, unsuccessful. However, the Ukrainian media – what to take from them. They can not otherwise.


Every time I am much more struck by that part of my subscribers that they still secretly, even sitting at the computer, continue to ride.



Cares, dreams and weaknesses of Zhores Alferov

Cares, dreams and weaknesses of Zhores Alferov

Cases from the life of a Nobel laureate, of which very few people know

The strength of their joy over the information about the losses in the army of the DPR is so huge, so immense, so victorious, that they cannot keep silent.


They know – it will be an inevitable ban, but they still begin to dance, clap, whistle, gnaw.


Their main message is: the coffins went to Rashkostan.

These nonhumans can not understand at least the fact that coffins, as a rule, do not go anywhere.


Of those four last killed – three were residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In fact, they are the same Ukrainians, like those that rejoice about their death, blowing bubbly drooling in all directions.


Well, to what extent, I think, these unfortunate, misunderstood subscribers are humiliated by the fact that for the fifth year they could not budge and regain the Donbass. That the army of the DNI is 25 thousand people, and the army of the LC of 15 thousand people are holding a hundred-thousandth group, which, alas, does not shine anything.


And the higher your joy, nonhumans, the worse it will be one day for yourself. That’s all I wanted to say today.