Asad celebrates triumphant victory

Now even the Kurds are demanding the restoration of the power of Damascus

Now, perhaps, not everyone remembers what started the war in Syria. The invasion of the Americans and the beginning of the military operation of the Russian Federation eclipsed everything that had been before. It is not surprising – the two largest military forces have converged at one hot spot in the world. And they came here not as allies, but rather as enemies.

In any case, the United States fought for those who were hostile to Russia, and whom Russia still can not completely deprive the authorities of certain areas of Syria. Moments even reached a direct clash of US military with Russian volunteers. There were no casualties on the Russian side, but as if the unofficial status of our mercenary military allowed the authorities to ignore these tragic moments. We wrote about this. Moreover, according to many foreign experts, at times Russia and the United States were almost at the brink of a great war.

In general, Russia and the United States turned the civil war into an indirect one. That is why there are few who are now paying attention to how the views of the Syrian population are being transformed, and it is the masses that caused this protracted zavaruhi.

Recall, it all began in 2011, when anti-government demonstrations took place across the country, gathering dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of people. As it usually happens in most countries of the world, the authorities decided to suppress protests by force. From this nothing happened, after the demonstrations and their dispersals, mass riots erupted. People thundered state institutions, disarmed the police and so on. Thus began the civil war. Its causes were people who demanded the liberalization of life, the abolition of the actual dictatorship and the establishment of all the attributes of a happy life, as they thought then.

In fact, at that time Bashar Assad was difficult to call a “dictator”, even in the West he was called an intelligent and too soft person, that is why they predicted either his resignation or death. But he suddenly transformed himself into a strong ruler and managed to retain power, and even limited, since by the time of this transformation he was no longer recognized as president in many cities. Yes, he was number one enemy for a large number of Syrians, and this is perhaps the main reason why, before the Russian operation in Syria, Bashar Assad did not control a third of his state. Yes, the Islamic state is guilty of all this, but its popularity in the SAR is mostly due to the excessive activity of the insurgent movements, who were looking for a real opportunity to dislodge the hated president. Baghdadi (the leader of ISIS.) promised them this, and in practice almost demonstrated. The madman who imagines himself a caliph was stopped, and this has greatly helped Assad, however, huge territories in the north, as well as half of the eastern province of Deir ez-Zor, still do not obey him. Kurds dominate there, which many call the puppets of Americans.

It would seem that the opposition is still in business, and the cause of the first demonstrators lives. However, now everything is different in Syria.

The citizens of the Arab Republic were full of opposition, were filled with war, and now many of them need exactly Assad. This is confirmed by numerous pro-government demonstrations taking place in cities that control armed Kurdish formations. The most recent example occurred in the city of Hasaka in the province of the same name, or rather, it is happening right now. The demonstrators went to the square with Syrian flags and demanded to stop the power of the Kurdish groups. At the same time, shortly before, several attacks on separate groups of Kurdish militants occurred in Khasaka province, among the dead there are at least one important person. There are other attacks, some are successful for attackers, some are not. It is impossible to say exactly whether these attacks are related to demonstrations, however, such a probability is very high.

The Turkish expert Keram Yildirim connects the protests primarily not with pro-Asadov moods, but with the inability to tolerate the power of the Kurdish formations.

The so-called Supreme Kurdish Council was created as a non-military power, but in fact it manages to control the territory only with weapons and violence, all real power belongs to the People’s Self-Defense Forces. The last protest in Khasak, like all previous ones, was suppressed with weapons. In some cases, rubber bullets were used, but, according to my information, there were also victims, which suggests the opposite.

Kurdish authorities are untenable and all their decisions are unprofessional. For example, they decided to replenish their forces through forced mobilization of the Arab population and some national minorities. Several times this led to peaceful demonstrations in Kamyshly and other cities. People blocked the roads, stopped work. Many of them have paid for this with their lives, others have ended up in prison and are still being tortured. Of course, people had a desire to respond violently to violence. And it happened.

Not a week passes without news that one of the Kurdish militants was killed. They (the Kurds) are trying to write off all this to the Islamic state, so that an illusion of tranquility among the population is created, but in fact people rebelled. Let me remind you that once the war against Assad began this way. YPG (abbreviation of the People’s Self-Defense Forces with Kurmandzhi) works against themselves. They call themselves an army, but will the army go to homes in villages or cities and take all the property from the poor, calling it tax collection? But the main problem is that they are trying to artificially create the Kurdish majority in traditionally Arab settlements. To do this, all measures are suitable – murders, resettlements, regular raids of “death squads”. Therefore, we should not be surprised that people protest, they can soon take up arms, defending themselves and their land.

Syria sent new Russian mercenaries to Syria sent in new Russian mercenariesWhat about the faction they say in PMC Wagner and who makes the loudest victories.

The protesters express their support for Bashar Assad. Can he take advantage of this somehow?  For Assad, this is more important than winning the Dar’aa. Those people that a few years ago cursed him, now ask for his protection. No, Assad has not ceased to be a dictator, but people have learned even worse power. Choosing between YPG and Assad, they will make a choice in favor of the latter. And for him it is more than just a victory, he is recognized, which means that they regret that they once wanted to overthrow him. He does not have to do anything in order to benefit from it, she herself came to him. But it is in his interest to support revolutionary sentiments. He can not afford direct military intervention now, because the US will then crush him. But this is not necessary, it may not be necessary at all. Now he needs a revolution in the north, which will worsen YPG’s position.