Apple Watch 3 Long Term Review: Six Months of Wrist Tan, Fitness, Music and More

We at News18 Tech have been using the Apple Watch Series 3 for over six months now and as Apple is all set to launch the Watch 3 cellular in India, we tell you about our experience with Apple Watch 3.

In 2017, Apple launched the new iPhones including the iPhone X, and in the wearables space updated the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch 3 was now GPS enabled and lasted longer than the Watch 2 and Watch series 1 by Apple. It also featured Apple’s fastest ever dual-core processor the S3 chipset and was water resistant up to 50 metres. Apple Watch is also one of the largest selling wearables device in the world and what makes it better than any Android Wear out there is its seamless experience with an iPhone and that too any iPhone. We at News18 Tech have been using the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 with an aluminium case and a sports band for over six months now, and carriers in India like Airtel and Jio have announced that the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular will be coming to India on May 11. So it was fitting to give you our experience of the Apple Watch Series 3 over a long-term use before we switch the Cellular variant of the Apple Watch. One of the main reasons for us to use the Apple watch was for its heart rate sensor and activity tracking and so far that is something that the Apple Watch does it the best among any other wearable gadget out there. So let’s tell you what all we liked about the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS and what all we didn’t. Also, we tell you whether you should buy the regular Apple Watch Series 3 or wait for the Cellular one on May 11.

Small messages of encouragement to keep a check of your body keeps popping on the watch display. It works like a gym trainer but in the most polite manner. The goal is to close all the three rings in a day to also get achievement badges. Out of 182 days of usage, we were able to close all the three rings of Move, Stand and Exercise only 40 times. Now that seems a lot less, but it’s not easy to close all those rings every day. That’s the beauty of it as well as the watch challenges to become more fit every day. We are very satisfied with the activity experience of the Apple Watch 3 and how it pushes you to be more fit every day. The number of workouts that have also been listed in the Activity app is plenty. We started playing Cricket in November 2017 and initially named a singular workout as cricket, after naming that workout a couple of times the Watch on the interface showed itself Cricket as an exercise that’s more prefered by us and it was just easy to select it and be on with it. We also tried High-Intensity Workouts, Outdoor Runs, Indoor Runs and also Cycling on it and were impressed by the data accuracy. Also, a thing that was very impressive on the Watch 3 was the fact that due to an inbuilt heart rate monitor it also mapped how our heart was pumping and showed the exact fluctuations in heart rate with the help of a chart during the workouts. Overall for athletes or people who are looking for an all-day fitness tracker the Apple Watch is something that will not disappoint you at all.