Anti-tank missile system Javelin will fight on Donbass

Or not?

The American administration has indeed already transferred anti-tank missile systems (Javelin) to the Ukrainian authorities.

“We delivered them,” said a representative of the American Foreign Ministry about this weapon. Questions about when exactly the ATGM data were transferred to Kiev, in what quantity and whether Washington put forward any conditions regarding their application, were not answered in the State Department. Earlier, the delivery of the complexes to Ukraine was reported with reference to an unnamed representative of the State Department, funded by the US government radio station “Free Europe”.

In January, the State Department of the TASS said that the US authorities themselves will pay at least part of the new military assistance to Ukraine, including the delivery of Javelin ATGM, Tass reports.

Earlier, several US media reported that the Javelin missiles that arrived in Ukraine would allegedly be stored at military bases in the western part of the country.

In 2017, the administration of Donald Trump decided to supply Javelin ATGMs to Ukrainian security forces. This was the first time that Kiev handed over to American high-tech weapons since the beginning of the conflict in Donbass in 2014. The administration of Barack Obama limited the assistance of the Armed Forces to non-lethal equipment and training programs, fearing that an infusion of weapons could lead to an escalation of the conflict.

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko is going to personally participate in the tests of anti-tank missile systems Javelin, provided by the United States. They will be held until the end of May.

“Providing Ukraine with” Javelins “confirms the weakening of Russia’s positions on the international arena. In addition, the president plans to participate in the tests of these “Javelins” at our testing sites before the end of May, ” – Irina Lutsenko, representative of the Ukrainian president in the Verkhovna Rada, quotes Interfax.

Earlier, US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell recalled that Ukraine should use the anti-tank missile systems received from the US solely for self-defense purposes.

On April 30, the US State Department confirmed that Ukraine had received anti-tank missile systems. In this regard, Ukrainian leader Petr Poroshenko thanked Washington, and the country’s defense minister Stepan Poltorak said that the beginning of practical preparation of Javelin’s calculations in the Ukrainian army is scheduled for May 2.

Assistant US Secretary of State Wess Mitchell during a briefing in Kiev on May 2 recalled that Ukraine should use the anti-tank missile systems Javelin received from the US exclusively for self-defense purposes.

“From the very beginning, we said that Javelin is a defense weapon and should be used by Ukraine for self-defense,” RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

The day before the director of the Biden Analytical Center at the University of Pennsylvania and former Pentagon official Michael Carpenter expressed confidence that Javelin “will not change the rules of the game” in the Donbass.

“Anti-tank systems are a useful weapon that will have a limited deterrent effect, but it will not fundamentally change the military capabilities of the Ukrainian army,” he wrote on his Twitter.

Deputy Prime Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka told the television channel “Direct” that such a restriction is one of the conditions for the supply of these complexes to the Ukrainian security forces.

According to him, Washington has established “certain restrictions”: “The condition is not to use these complexes directly on the contact line.” But, according to the official, this “restriction can be lifted on any day.” In his opinion, Kiev can get sanction for using two or three complexes in case of emergency.

The use of American anti-tank missile systems Javelin will not bring success to the Ukrainian army in the Donbass. This was stated by the deputy commander of the operational command of the Democratic Party Eduard Bazurin.

“Now the Ukrainian propagandists, in agreement with their American curators, have launched another move – shouting at each corner about deliveries to the Javelin Armed Forces, which will not bring real successes to the battlefield, for each of their spears we have a shield and a sword,” he stressed.