Americans in the Black Sea run into Russian bulk

The provocations of Russian aviation over the Black Sea are becoming extremely dangerous, says the Ukrainian military. The official message of the command of the Air Force of Ukraine reads:


– On December 23, front-line bombers of the Su-24M, under the cover of Su-27 (Su-30) aircraft of the Russian Space Forces in the Black Sea, simulated a missile attack on a surface target. According to intelligence, the target was the missile destroyer Ross of the United States of America, which went to the port of Odessa. The aircraft made the maneuver typical of an aerial strike by cruise missiles and returned to the airfield.


The Americans had to respond to this message. Defense Blog, states that, yes, these maneuvers were carried out in the immediate vicinity of the American ship. And therefore, they should be recognized as an act of aggression against the destroyer, the goals of which are to demonstrate “the continued US commitment to security and stability in the region.”


It is a very original, I must say, “messenger of the world” with a displacement of 9,500 tons and a length of 155 meters, stuffed with missile weapons. On board the destroyer are 56 Tomahawk cruise missiles, 8 Harpoon anti-ship missiles, a hundred anti-aircraft missiles serving the Aegis air defense / missile defense system, and a dozen and a half dozen torpedoes and anti-submarine missiles. And that’s not counting artillery.


“Ross” was heading to the port of Odessa. And he reached it, despite the “Russian aggression.” I must say that a great threat to the destroyer was a storm that broke out the day before, because of which the ship was forced to moor almost a day later in Odessa.


This is not the first “friendly visit” of large American ships to hospitable Ukraine. Since the beginning of this year – the thirtieth. Ross itself, belonging to the Arly Burke family of missile destroyers, entered the port of Odessa for the fourth time.


The greatest “friendly” activity of the US Navy showed in the spring of this year. That is, when the presidential election took place in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Embassy in the USA on Twitter explained the deep meaning of these voyages: “The destroyer of the US Navy Ross is now in the Black Sea. This is the fourth US ship to enter the Black Sea since the beginning of the year to enhance security and interaction with allies and partners in the region. Many thanks to the partners of the USA and NATO for supporting security in the Black Sea! ”


In 2014, when a coup d’etat was brewing in Kiev, “friendship visits” were the distribution of pies on the Maidan by the State Department. Now the gunboats have come into play.


But in addition to political motives, the actions of the American Navy also have quite clear pragmatics. After all, they will not begin to burn fuel for the sake of “security and interaction with the allies.” These flights from the western hemisphere to the east are very similar to the Orient Express, a transport operation to deliver Russian military cargo to Syria in large landing ships.


Two years ago the USA launched grandiose construction in the Nikolaev area. Moreover, not only ambitious, but also strategically important. Therefore, not a single Ukrainian worker, foreman or engineer was admitted to him because of their low qualifications.


At the beginning of this decade, when the preliminary design of the Our Ukraine project was just beginning in the State Department offices, it was assumed that the control center for the 6th fleet of the US Navy would move from the Mediterranean Sea to Sevastopol.

However, it did not work out. And now it is necessary to make a lot of efforts in order to create the necessary infrastructure in the Nikolaev region – in Ochakovo.


In 2017, the 133rd mobile construction battalion of the U.S. Navy arrived in Ukraine. Arrived, as was officially announced, for the construction of the Center for Operational Fleet Management of the Ukrainian Navy. However, the presence of a barracks on the territory of the center of the center to accommodate hundreds of US Marines makes it possible to reasonably suggest who will actually be the master at this base.


In Ochakovo, not only a complex of buildings and structures necessary for the operation of the center is being built, but also berths are being prepared for receiving ships of the first rank. That is, it is American, because for the Ukrainian mosquito fleet such excesses are unnecessary.


In Nikolaev, the Americans are also carrying out work to restore the naval base No. 72, which during the period of independence fell into disrepair.

“Sea bees” (the name of the engineering forces of the US Navy) have to completely open up the runway at the airfield, which is part of the base, and fill it with solid American reinforced concrete. Absolutely all building materials and equipment are imported from the United States, since there is no hope for local products.


Poroshenko’s government generously handed over to the American Navy the possession and a hefty piece of territory in Odessa itself, which houses what remains of military camp No. 117.


It is quite understandable that it is impossible to observe impartially such “friendly visits” that take place near Russia. And the actions of the Russian military are absolutely adequate, since destroyers with cruise missiles with a range of 1,600 km pass at a small distance from the Russian coast with a frequency exceeding two flights a month.


Every American destroyer that entered the Black Sea was immediately taken under control of Russian ships. The actions were various – from simple escort to “dangerous maneuvering”, as the American sailors qualify. There were more decisive actions. And not only on December 23, when a “missile attack” was launched on the destroyer «Ross».


December 16, «Ross» fell into a more serious turn. It was accompanied by the small rocket ship Vyshny Volochek. The electronic warfare complex was activated, as a result of which the destroyer lost control. A multi-role fighter Su-30SM appeared, for some time it flew over the destroyer. After that, the official representative of the US State Department, Morgan Ortagus, during the briefing called the actions of the Russian side “unprecedentedly tough.”


At the same time, the United States no less angrily comments on the passage off the US coast of Russian ships that do not enter the territorial waters of the United States. And these are not even ships, but ships – oceanographic research. Well, the truth is, everyone knows that this class of ships is for the most part engaged in reconnaissance. However, neither of them have any weapons that could threaten the States. But they are constantly accompanied by US Coast Guard ships, and helicopters and planes fly over them. And these ships are constantly accused of “dangerous maneuvering”.


At the same time, in the Black Sea, Americans are treated quite gently, if we recall the old days. In 1988, the Yorktown missile cruiser and the Karon destroyer, not obeying the «Bezzavetny» and SKR-6 patrol ships, intended to enter the territorial waters of the Soviet Union, 30 miles from Sevastopol.

Two years earlier, the same pair of ships managed to approach the coast of Crimea for 6 miles without any special consequences.


In 1988, the command of the Navy acted decisively. When it became clear that the Americans would not change course, despite the warning about the use of force, the “Selfless” made a bulk in the stern of “Yorktown.” The anchor tore the cruiser casing, but at the same time caused damage to the patrol ship itself. SKR-6 did the same with the destroyer. From the blow, the ships deployed. However, the Americans again returned to their previous course.


The second bulk of «Bezzavetny» destroyed a commanding boat and a launcher of the Garpun anti-ship missile. A fire broke out at Yorktown. But this did not cool the Americans. They tried to take SKR-6 in ticks. Russians had to defiantly charge the jet bombs and direct them towards the violators of the border. Soon, three Mi-24 attack helicopters flew from Sevastopol, which ultimately forced the Americans to lie back on course.


The Yorktown cruiser was under repair for 5 months after this incident. TFR «Bezzavetny» was repaired in a month.