America is aware that Russia is bombing Jordan

Russia will clean up terrorists not only from Syria

Syrian government and pro-government troops have already taken control of a large area adjacent to the border with Jordan. Well, the effectiveness with which Damascus operates can only be envied.

The military operation in southwestern Syria began only a couple of weeks ago, and the oppositionists who settled here many years ago are already defeated. True, not only brute force managed to achieve this success. Part of local militants almost immediately after the arrival of the Russian forces in the region proposed negotiations on the surrender of territories and the withdrawal of their people to the north. Probably, they will leave for Idlib if they are allowed, in any case, they are not expected anywhere else: under the control of the opposition there are practically no districts left in the country except Idlib. You can, of course, remember the Kurds, who are also referred to the opposition, but they do not need such reinforcements and are aggressive towards them.

Of course, not everyone chose this path. There are among the local militants and those who are not afraid of Russia, despite the many terrible stories passed by the opposition word of mouth. We have to work with such people.

The tactic is known – numerous attacks from above and the rapid onset of ground forces in a certain direction. So it is possible to quickly create an opportunity for encirclement, besides terrorists lose all chances for consolidation of forces. In such situations, Russian aviation, supporting its Syrian allies, acts extremely effectively, sometimes it even leads to unplanned consequences. We already reported that during the operation in the south-west of Syria, Russian aviation bombed the outskirts of Jordan.

And its king, meanwhile, meets with Trump. The country faces a humanitarian disaster

These cases are increasing, as recently several bombs exploded in the suburbs of the Jordanian city of Ramta. About the victims nothing is known, but even if there are, then, most likely, they will belong to the number of citizens of Syria. Just prior to the recent events, the Jordanians willingly let refugees into their country, and they flooded the border areas, including the neighborhood of Ramta.

Be that as it may, these events caused a great stir in Amman. First the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country Ayman Safadi stated about the necessity of organizing urgent negotiations with Russia, which eventually took place. Lavrov received his colleague, they gave a joint press conference. It seems that everything is fine, but within a day Russian aviation somehow attacked the territory of Jordan.

“This morning, remote areas of the province of Ramat were attacked because of the increasing number of Syrian and Russian air operations on the other side of the border,” the Jordanian military reported. At the same time they have to refute the numerous reports of local journalists about the purposeful attack of Russian aircraft on certain inhabited areas of the kingdom.

Turkish expert Ender Imrek does not see this as a sensation, and believes that this will happen again and again.

– In negotiations on southwestern Syria, Russia, the United States, as well as Jordan took part. Lavrov himself spoke about this, and no one denied it. So, the Americans and the Jordanians knew what to expect. These are military operations, and military aircraft can not see frontier posts or other obstacles. Of course, the pilots are more or less informed about their location, but there can not be one hundred percent accuracy here. This can easily explain the causes of airspace disruption. This is not a crime in this case, because there is information that Amman during the negotiations did not object to the use of his airspace.

But how can we explain the fact that the Jordanian territory is being attacked from the air?

Yes, it is much more interesting. It is unlikely that all this can be explained by the mistakes of the military. If this were one case, then perhaps this explanation would be enough, but it happens quite often. There is only one reason for this: Russian aircraft continue to pursue their goals in Jordan. The Kingdom closed the border, but certain opportunities for the transition of militants have been preserved. There are hard-to-reach areas, as well as the existence of short tunnels, no one also excludes the corruption of some border guards who, for money or services, will miss anyone. So those who are pursued by Russian aircraft can flee from Syria. Probably only this explains the attacks in Jordan.

Some Jordanian media spread information about the possibility of preventing such situations through opposition from the US military. It’s not entirely clear. The Americans were always in Jordan. And with the beginning of the operation against the Islamic state the contingent in Jordan is significantly increased. Now, the airspace of Jordan is almost completely under the control of the United States. Therefore, if the US really wanted to counteract Russian attacks, then they have all the resources for this. I repeat, the United States and Russia were discussing southwestern Syria, and it seems that they came to a conclusion that satisfies everyone. So, it’s unlikely that Americans consider the actions of Russian aviation in Jordan to be a big problem. All suits everyone.