America chooses a place on Earth where it will fight with Russia

For the triumph of the American dream, Donald Trump is ready to sacrifice Europe.

There is a danger of an armed conflict between Russia and the United States. With high probability, it can happen not in Syria, not in the Middle East, but in Europe. And more specifically, either within the borders of Ukraine, or in the event of a crisis in the territory of Belarus, or in one of the regions between NATO and Russia. About this, in particular, said the honorary professor of New York Columbia University Robert Legvold at the conference of the Luxembourg Forum on the Prevention of Nuclear Disaster.


– We are frozen in the Cold War, – stated the scientist, adding that since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, which happened in 2014, a new round of this political confrontation has begun, aggravated this time by using economic levers to influence the parties on each other.


To prevent the tragic development of events, stressed Robert Legvold, Russia and the United States must increase the level of trust between themselves. However, at the moment, he stressed, this possibility is complicated by the fact that Russia is faced with a triple policy against it from the United States.

– After all, there is Trump himself, there is a Congress, where the main emphasis is on sanctions, and there is the State Department, the Pentagon and other departments, – the professor explained his point of view.


Ukraine will deprive the property of those who seek to get the main document of the Russian Federation.

Unfortunately, this scenario is quite possible, admitted the head of the department of American studies at the Faculty of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Historical Sciences Boris Shiryaev.


– Such statements have been made for a long time. According to our military, the US is preparing for a big war since 2005, practicing new tactics and types of weapons. A strategy aimed at dividing our country into small parts, the States began to consider even earlier, as much since the end of World War II. The first step they took was that practically all the republics split off from the USSR. Now, apparently, attempts are being made to the second step – the division of Russia into another 5-6 parts. Because only then the notorious “American dream” will triumph, the so-called “American golden age” will come, which many people dream of in Washington.


And all because the expert summed up that the United States is now inexorably slipping into another serious political crisis (which is why Western experts are talking about the presence of three American politicians in relation to Russia at once), similar to what the country had experienced in the middle of the 19th century of war. Exactly the same thing, Boris Shiryaev testifies, happened with Russia in 1917.


The reasons for this state of affairs, the expert believes, are that America, with all its arguments about “true democracy”, is ruled by several clans, which is being spoken more and more openly lately even in the United States. And each of these “rival employees” has its own views and plans for Russian-American relations. Nevertheless, despite all the differences, Russia is perceived by these clans as a bone in the throat on the way to world hegemony. So at one time it was for Victorian England, Napoleonic France and Hitler’s Germany.


However, as previously reported by newspapers, head of the department of political science and sociology of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, reserve colonel Andrei Koshkin is sure that the Americans will not get into a direct military clash with Russia, and reasoning on this topic is explained by wounded pride.


  • They [the Americans] will die then! – he said. – After all, they are well aware of what happened at the time with the Wehrmacht. For 38 days, the Nazi troops conquered the whole of Europe, but in Stalingrad during this period they were able to move only from one side of the street to the other. Specifically, in front of Pavlov’s house, as many Nazis perished as on all European battlefields. And the United States remembers this well, because they forced all the surviving war criminals to write memoirs. These records are still being summarized in the American military academies with the aim of developing a strategy for fighting Russia, but the result is still the same – there will be no victory.


Despite the fact that the sociological questions of the American military indicate an increase in the probability of making decisions about the outbreak of hostilities against Russia.


– It turns out strangely – military academics come to the conclusion that there will be no victory, and the military are ready to start a conflict …


– The Americans are strongly stirred by the fact that unofficially and indirectly, our armed forces always collide. There used to be Vietnam and Korea, now here is Syria, where we see “gray” deliveries of weapons and equipment of the CIA to terrorists. We understand very well who controls the “White Helmets” and how. Americans are eager to improve their Afghan, Vietnamese, Korean and other experience in order to rock the foundations of Russia, hindering the formation of such union-forming conglomerates like the CSTO, CIS, EurAsEC, SCO, BRICS and so on.


– And what about the memory of the outcome of the Second World War?


– You know, for the 75th anniversary of its graduation, the United States released a commemorative medal. So, on one side of it are President Truman and General Eisenhower, and on the other side are 3 flags – France, Great Britain and America. Today, information about the fact that we participated in this war in general is being erased from the consciousness of American youth. Japanese schoolchildren (and Japan is one of the most loyal US military allies), by the way, say more often that the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped by the Russians. And such a whitening out of the memory of our participation in World War II is needed by the Americans in order to humiliate Russia, at least in this way, to try to maintain a dominant position in the world rankings in the conditions of the rise of new political and economic centers.


Igor Nikolaychuk, an expert on international security at the Center for Special Media-Metric Studies, also believes that there will be no direct military clash between the United States and Russia. True, he is of the opinion that all the arguments on this subject are dictated by some big geopolitical game.


– Talking about a military conflict in one place or another, – he drew attention, – only civilians lead. And the military are silent, as they say, like a fish on ice. Because the latter on both sides, I repeat — almost pray to the nuclear security and tightly control nuclear security in bilateral relations. And here we must pay tribute to the Americans, with all their harsh rhetoric directed at us and with the howls of the so-called experts, they clearly understand that once a nuclear weapon is used against Russia and its strategic allies, a definite symmetrical answer will follow.


At one time, the USSR had the so-called “Brezhnev doctrine”, which, in brief, meant that Soviet tanks could easily reach the Channel without the help of nuclear weapons. And NATO understood that without tactical nuclear weapons they had nothing to oppose our tank wedges T-80, and the possibility of using them was considered. But everyone understood that as soon as it was applied, there would immediately follow such a hurricane that all the pieces of this chess game would be wiped off the board.


Just now there is a noticeable discrepancy between what politicians say and do, and what irresponsible pseudo-experts inspire in society. This, by the way, was not in the bipolar world, nor in recent years. And all these now are no longer staff meetings, but university talks about how to resist the invasion of aliens, how to get rid of the “dictatorship of the matrix” and where there will be a nuclear conflict, are conducted not in favor, as they say, of the poor, but in favor of the frightened. Civilians, so to speak, increasingly argue about how to defeat Russia and the terrible Putin, not in Asia, not in Syria, but in Europe.


– Why in Europe?


  • This question is both simple and complex. Even under Bush Jr., a certain geostrategic revolution occurred, and it was officially enshrined in military doctrines that the center of threats to the United States had shifted to the northern part of the Pacific region. In other words, we will not attack Germany, but China against Japan. And this led to very interesting results.


Brutal Trump, putting forward the slogan “America above all”, thus rudely told Europe – you should stop hiding behind our nuclear umbrella, without spending anything on defense and not paying contributions to NATO. You, unfortunate socialists, all sorts of Germans, Dutch, Belgians and others live better than ordinary Americans.


Germany, of course, was delighted and happily agreed to make “its own NATO”, since it is already concluded that mutual aid treaties were concluded with the French and this is about uniting the army. But a number of elites, which Europe needs purely to control the world, are not satisfied with the departure of the States from the Old World. Therefore, they began to say – see what is happening in Ukraine and in the Crimea!


In the face of the Russian threat to NATO, it is necessary to expand, to take in its ranks anyone, in principle, not even needed Northern Macedonia. In general, come back, America. The same Poland, for example, wants after all not the next NATO base, these bases are already there, forgive, like uncut dogs. The Poles want a whole American brigade, or, better yet, a division.


And America is not up to it. It just wanted to live better than Europe. And for this you need to wage trade wars with China, impose anti-Russian sanctions in those industries where we are tough US competitors in foreign markets – in the field of arms, oil and gas. And this does not provide for the salvation of Europe.


So all the talk about possible conflicts between the United States and Russia in Europe is simply a social order dictated by the systemic crisis of the world economic system as such, and not a pre-apocalyptic state, as it seems to Russian and especially Western inhabitants.