8 children were rescued from the cave in Thailand

Operation to rescue players of the junior football team “Forest Apers” and their coach from the flooded cave Tham Luang ended in Thailand. On Tuesday, July 10, left the remaining four children and their coach. Earlier eight young players were rescued from the dungeon. According to the Ministry of Health, they are in good physical and psychological condition, but the two of them have signs of a pulmonary infection. At the same time in the media there were reports of the presence of an infectious disease in all the rescued. Specialists interviewed by RT noted the high professionalism of the Thai Navy officers who conducted the special operation.

On Tuesday, July 10, the final phase of the operation was carried out, code-named “4 + 1 + 1 + 3”. Behind this formula lies the number of people who should be brought to the surface. We are talking about the four remaining young football players, their coach, as well as the military doctor and three combat swimmers of the Thai Navy’s fur seal department, who are in the cave after the missing group is found.
Recall that 12 teenagers aged 11 to 16 years from the junior football team “Forest Apers”, as well as their 25-year-old coach disappeared on June 23, when they went to the cave Tham Luang. Employees of the National Park discovered their bicycles and things at the entrance to the dungeon. As it became known later, they were blocked in 4 km from the exit from the cave due to the flooding of the natural tunnel due to downpours. However, it was not possible to find the missing persons immediately – the search operation ended in success only nine days after its inception. All the teenagers and their coach were found alive, albeit in an exhausted state. Military divers brought food and medicines to the site of their deployment, after which the development of an evacuation plan began.
It should be noted that the founder of the companies SpaceX and Tesla Ilon Mask, who personally arrived at the site of the emergency with the underwater vehicle developed by his specialists, also offered assistance in rescuing the children. However, the head of the operation, Narongsak Osotkhanakon, declined to use the provided mini-submarine because of inexpediency.
Note that the rescue operation began on Sunday, July 8. For this day it was possible to take out four children, four more were rescued the next day. In total, more than 1,000 people were involved in the operation, including 90 divers, who brought children to the surface with a cable network. Note that along the entire length of 4 km, spare oxygen tanks and various diving equipment were placed due to the fact that most of the cave corridors are flooded, and adolescents can’t swim.